Very slow build from France


here for the shaft , fast shipping , good price, but it s hard steel 12.9 (same as the gearbox bolt) , not easy to drill


working on the box, i will try passive cooling with a heat sink outside, silicone up everything and will go like that for the first test…


Very nice & clean @Alexandre. An all-in-one-box setup worked fine for me too for short rides. Probably much better with your external heat sink. Good luck with the first test.


thank you ! yes for the first test on an inflatable board, then if i get good result i will build my own board much smaller…


Looks good! I planned to do pretty much the same thing :yum:


have to wait 3 weeks to get the last parts printed (sls), not perfect design but good enough for me :slight_smile:
nice fit , try some painting silver but will be black i guess

test fit ok, finishing the shaft, drill mast, wiring… and hopefully in the water in 15 days …

55mm all the way, can be shorter by 80mm but it will wait next year…


mast drill… not that hard finally, smooth edge out and inside (will cut the silicone otherwise), drill “sideway” so the wires won’t bend too much, water outlet for next year


Hey Alexandre,

I am going to use the exact same setup like you. I like the very sleek form factor. Your printed files are looking very good. Are you willing to share those?


Hi @Alexandre, really neat build you have there.
I’m specifically interested in two aspects:

  • The cooling fins you installed for your batteries. Can you share the source of that? Did you already waterproofed it?
  • I like the way your tube connects to the back mast clamp. Specifically the fact that the tube surrounds the print (and not vice versa). Are you planning to glue the tube? Did you consider installing o-rings there as well? Also, as MAJA asked, it will be great if you share the design.

Thanks in advance,


well thank you!

i have no printer (no prototype done), no knowlege in cad design, i just use tinkercad to do this, i will try to post the link, the design was made for sls pa12, i am not sure that PLA will be strong enough for the front mast part…
the parts were printed by sculpteo for about 200€ so i am very happy that my design worked!

-the front mast is nice , no aero test done , i just made it to look nice
-the back mast has not a perfect fit around the mast because i didn’t know how to do it , i will had a fin layer of silicone, but o-ring and a motor plug holder will be added later on

on the back for the gearbox there is not enough space to put a o-ring

the heatsink is for esc cooling, not for the battery, not tested yet, i will see if the battery get warm or not, the big aluminium plate is already sealed to the box , didn’t test underwater yet


put the files in public, links:

front mast:
arr mast :

hold by 4 screws M4x40mm

gearbox i have to look for it