Very slow build from France


hi every one , i wanted to thank you all of you for the great pics and ideas, i am thinking about my build for almost a year now and with christmast coming out i offered myself some staff…

i will try to update this to a final test in may 2018 hopefuly and apologize my english :wink:

any advice are welcome!

so 8s with 20 000 mah

the board will be market inflatable sup ±130l (230x75x10) with a custom made carbon structure underneath

and the foil : a takuma v100:


Looks great, looking forward to see your progress. The motor and gearbox will make a really thin and low drag propulsion unit!


thank you, yes the tp power motor is 40x105mm without shaft and the gearbox 38.2x34mm but the edge is 47mm in diameter , i will go with a 55mm outside and 50mm inside tubing but it can be done with a 45/40mm tube

propeller is 49mm

i am just trying to figure out a way so the shaft (m10x1) will not unsrew and how to put trust bearing: this gearbox is made for airplane so pulling is not a problem but pushing might be


Great , good luck from france :wink:


nice parts, telepathy, and if you cut (mecanize) the square of gearbox can get a perfect tube!


Hi Alexandre,
you need no trust bearing for reisenauer chief - it has double row angular contact ball bearing



Thank you,
For the tubing not sure yet if i will use 40 or 50mm , the propeller is 49mm …

Mike: yes chief has angular bearing, needle for the super chief , I am more worried for the small “clip” that hold the shaft on the bearing outside , inside the gearbox it is larger, all the trust will be on this 2mm ring clip outside if I am correct , I will take the gearbox apart to check


sorry - I’m not sure what you mean


All the load from the propeller to the shaft will go on the black clip ( with two little holes) on the bearing , this gearbox is assemble from the back , i may be wrong but i prefer that the trust goes on the frame off the gearbox and the tube , no? Airplane ok , boat ?


Don’t worry, a circlip on a 15mm axis can handle hundreds kg :


thank you for this , i still will use a trust bearing …

so things moved a bit, just order the takuma v100 today (1190€ :scream: )
test esc, datalogging is working (YES!!!) on my pc
remote ( for my e-skate as well) nice! 2 speed mod
got the box too , i will go with active cooling via 3 off this:

got the kingkong wifi for realtime monitoring, it is working but slow…

got 8x 16000mah multistar ( good deal on them now )

and sent my first 3D stl file to print (gearbox /tubing mount) will see… this is the first time , never did cad before , took me some hours… but i am very happy

some pics:


Getting there! Did you use the ‘waterproof 200A’ circuit breaker for your test run? There has been talk of this circuit breaker not actually being able to the current we require. I have a similar 130A unit but not tested.


not wired yet, just test the motor and the propeller in a bathtub,i cannot hold it, push pretty hard, i need the foil to test at max power, this circuit breaker will be wired in serie between two pack of 4s 32000mah so it will see max : 16.7v and ±100A …

got it from a quality dealership on the back it is written “made in taiwan” so it may work… :roll_eyes:

they are rated for 42v max