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I used a CR-10 printer


Hello Atriay11,

I also have a CR-10, with which I printed Mat’s foil (see the Optimist thread)

Would you be so nice as to share your mast file in a STEP format ?

Thank you


Nice job!! I would wrap that mast with 3 layer of carbon (300gr should be ok) , wacuum bag, two sheets of polycarbonate hinged with tape, a couple of inch wider than mast, to compress the wrapping and close the trailing edge thin and straight. (carbon only…).
I’m afraid that plastic and some glass only, it might be fragile. It’s awesome, would be to bad to break it!


I actually used mesh mixer to slice the foil up and exported the files in .stl ready to print. Would you like me to post those?


Thank you ATRIAY11

  • The STL is fine for simply printing it
  • The Step format would allow us to modify it


Hi, I would like to see if my craftbot 3d printer can print your design so really appreciate if you can post .STL


I made a Post Called Austin’s Build that includes all the files and how I printed them for those interested in this build. I had to try a few angles and support structures.


Thank you Atriay11 !

Son eventually went for his own 3D printed model for his school project which he could dismount, transport and mount easily for going back and forth to school. He chose a real life LF system and designed / 3 D printed a similar system.

You can see it on the following thread ; 3D-printed mast profile + collar