Neugart Forum Order


I talked to Neugart today about the PLE40. The sales representative told me that we could get a special version with low temperature oil which will be better for our high input speeds. He says that the PLE 40 can run up to 18k RPM with active cooling. They can offer shafts with keyways or just cylindrical and of course we can chose 1:4,5 or 7 transmission. We can also chose any motor mount.

The best thing. If we order 7-10 units, we get them for 174€ including taxes. Remember there is no tax for shipping within Europe. So if we order together, we get a bunch of them, cheaper and made to our specs. If each of us orders 2, we would get them even cheaper and could sell them to new forum members with a bit of a profit. Win win for everyone.

The gear manufacturers told me that none of them keep inventory due to the big amount of possible configurations. I think this is our hest shot at getting good and cheap gears. Delivery will be end of june though. I could try to get a different manufacturer to do it faster for us if you have any candidates. There are about 7 big gear manufacturers in Germany.


Hi MaxMaker,

that’s a good idea :+1: but the 7-10 untis have to be the same - so we have to define a design.
I’m think this points are good to have:

  • The gear can carry all axial load from prop
  • The output shaft is longer and cylindrical
  • It can take 8 and 10mm input shaft
  • What are your preferences?

Maybe your are from Germany - where are you located?



I am from Germany. I really don’t mind. They don’t do specialized output shafts though. At least not for this price. We need thrust bearings anyway, so connecting the prop directly won’t be a good idea.


Have you considered the Gearbox DIY (4,5:1) thread? Going DIY could be much quicker once you figure out the engineering.


Yes of course, but I try to buy as much as I can. The time is often just not worth it.


Hey MaxMaker
I am from Germany too, a friend and I are building two boards in the next months so we would join your order with two gears. The problem is end of June is very late. Could we get them earlier?


Nope. I wish we could. I am going for direct drive outrunner now since there wasn’t much demand.