How to get a good impeller (for jet propulsion)


I have been doing research and development for increasing the efficiency of impellers (and propellers) for many years. Today I know very much about the hydrodynamics of the impellers. That’s why I can design a impeller for every jet propulsion.

For e-foil, however, it is not possible to obtain a highly efficient impeller because it is not produced anywhere.

The quality impeller must be made of metal. Good aluminum is sufficient. The plastic filament used for 3D printers is therefore totally inappropriate. The water pressure would bend the blades very easily, which reduces efficiency.

The impeller can be designed in several performance types

  • for beginners (material is enough carbon)
  • for speed
  • for pull (acceleration - when the rider has a big weight)
  • for races

For e-foil is the best jet propulsion

  • it does not need an expensive gearbox (it’s better to spend money on a good impeller)
  • uses the battery with the highest possible efficiency
  • e-foil reaches the highest possible speed
  • impeller can be produced on a CNC milling cutter very easily and economically (not large machining waste)

This topic is to make it easy for a company to start producing impellers in several performance types and at a reasonable price. One company is able to cover the need for all e-foils around the world.


I agree with you as well and why I have focused on nailing down a super durable and affordable design.

I posted on another thread a new 3D printed impeller out of aluminum which is cool WNT: Jet Propulsion?


Hello WNT, we need your help in impeller design. Can you send us your email?