Holland board build


Hey All,

I am Marc, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, first build :slight_smile:

Before I start a big thumbs up for this forum and the people who are sharing so much info and building boards, brilliant! The thought of flying over the water is bringing a big smile already, now I have to start.
Just browsing through the posts and slowly getting to understand how matters work and writing down what I need. @pacificmeister, @Hiorth, and many others as well, thanks!

One of the first things I would like to work out is the general lay-out of the electrics and what is exactly needed for a board. The choice of battery, ESC, kill switches, etc comes later (I have still quite a few threads to read about these topics). What i was able to find/understand I put in a small diagram (sorry for the quality hope its clear). But, I think I still might have things wrong or missing. Would be great if I can have some feedback on this diagram.

Also looking around to source parts. I checked with a Neugart gearbox importer here in Holland, delivery time: 19 weeks because the economy is doing well. Guess its gonna take a while haha. Anyway, lots to do!

WIll keep you guys posted on my progress. Possibly needing more help, too!

Cheers, Marc


Hey Marc, wellcome. Looks like you have the basics. You may want to add a kill switch, like a reed switch or hall switch, triggered by a magnet on a leash around your foot. Best cut battery power with a big solenoid, at minimum cut the receiver power. For safety and to prevent equipment loss. I had my board once take off to the horizon and would have lost it if Don wouldn’t have been there on his Jetfoiler chasing after it :slight_smile:. Leash ever since. Good luck.


For the kill switch solenoid I can recommend forklift relays from albright.


Welcome to the forum ,
your schema is good, for my part I had to connect my amperemetre with a small battery 1S because I had a return of current with UBEC and now my amperemetre works!


Thanks for the suggestion. Had a look and found this one.

Is this what you are referring to? With coils powered by the BEC/Battery and a kill switch to the Aux. contacts?


Thanks Merten.
I am going to look into the kill switch options, Max came with some additional input as well, so will dive into this. Don’t want have the board take off without me or worse.


Yes, but make sure its a used albright. Not a new fake one.


Okay clear, going to look for one


This is 2nd case i read on the forum. I heard of this few times when 1st the esc is turned on then the TX. I heard and saw some weird crap when esc is turned on 1st and then transmitter. Was this the case when it happened?
They say ALWAYS turn tx 1st and shut it down last. I dont get what is the sorcery behind this?


Hi Marc, I’m from holland too. Leuk dat je er ook 1 gaat bouwen! I understand you consider building the pacific mister set-up.
I still have a spare 56114 motor(un-used, unboxed). Perhaps youre interested? I already have most of the files printed as well, they come for free:)
Please let me know when you’re about to order a suitable relais, as im not a electric guy.

Let me know if you’re interested!

Br Thijs


Hey Thijs,

Cool that you are building too! Just reading your post, you are already well underway, looking good.
I am indeed going for the Pacificmeister setup in general with some adjustments based on the parts I can find/like.
I am still in need of a motor, so definitely interested, also the other parts :slight_smile: thanks

You know that i ordered that part 2 hrs ago! A curtis/albright unit to be specific, think this works too. If you want i can still ask the guy to hold it and double the order.

Cheers, Marc


That would be great! What’s the price for this unit? Btw I have some other stuff too(Alu tube, axial bearing, cooling paste etc).
Lets keep in touch.


Hèhè Nederlanders! Ben zeer benieuwd of er straks ook efoils in de omgeving te koop komen. Bouwen wordt em voor mij niet helaas. Haha. Zet em op guys!