Board / Surfboard blanks


Found an awesome site with cheap surfboard blanks! It allows you to shape your board in anyway you want then just glass or carbon fibre the board. So much cheaper than spending $500 on a board that your just going to cut up.


I tend to favor :
i don’t exactly remember why i switched to them… i think it was a wider choice of resins and vacuum material.

But in any case… building your own board is always a great idea ! so rewarding.
… and less difficult that it looks… potentially messy though…
first video below is a long board i made and second is a complete foil (the board making is the second half of the video…


I’m planning on building a hollow core wood board, but still finalizing the plans for the shape. Does anyone have any input on size/volume for a good efoil board? The hollow design will make fitting batteries and controls within the deck easy.


We measured the drag of three different boards at different speeds in order to find out which type and length of board requires which energy. Here is the result:

And here is a video, which shows how the measurement was done. We used an mechanical and electrical scale and also measured the time between two points giving the speed. The operator for the pulling-cable speed entered a constant speed over the entire measurement track.
Video showing measurement

The wave board was a Slingshot wave board for kite-boarding. The second board was an old surfboard. The SUP was an inflatable SUP, which is shown in the video.

Request for a patient help
Attach pinion to motor shaft
Eboard - Efoil swappable

So what rough size would you recommend?