Any issues running adjustable UBEC over 12s voltage?


I’m designing my electronics circuit right now and am looking at the adjustable UBEC that everyone uses.

I know its ‘rated’ at 12s, but is it reliable at 12s? or are you guys running it off of a single lipo at 4s or 6s?


Our ubec has been working just fine. Did a reverse polarity connection once, that killed it. Got a new one, still running it directly on 12s.


@Climbineer pointed me to these: . They work great with my 12S and support up to 72V. Been using 2 of these for a while now, one in my esc box for the receiver, one in the battery box for my amp meter.


That looks super simple and durable. how do you wire that in exactly Pacificmeister? Could you show photos or a diagram?




Thats a really neat product. Very simple.

Side question. Is there any issue with running the RC received as well as a diaphragm pump off of one adjustible UBEC?

Both would run at 5v, the pump would only draw at most 500mA


Hi guys, i bought this ubec and did my first power up test and failed. I connected the ubec across the terminals of the esc batteries 2 x 6s in series. The ubec suppose to work at 12s but when i power it up i got no output from the device.My batteries fully charged are about 50v, anyone else had issues maybe blowing the ubec’s.


Maybe check the the jumper lead on the UBEC is in the correct position and making good contact. Also check that the UBEC plug is in the correct position in your receiver.


Hi rogjalon, I powered up first without the receiver plugged in as i wanted to test the output was 5v and make sure i had the jumper in its correct position for 5v.

I tested the voltage at the input of the PCB and voltage 6s 50v present, and test the output and nothing.
Not sure how it could be of got damaged?


Must be a faulty UBEC. I have the same one and it tested ok.


Tested above with 6s. Receiver and amp volt monitor on same circuit works great! 51064 no load 300w with 12s. Ubec and receiver are 6s.
Good unit. Had 10amp 1000volt diode polarity protection. Should add 47microfarad capacitor maybe?


I have the same problem as morgansteven1970. Tested mine before with a 6 cell lipo and it worked for a quick test, in 5v and 12v selection. The company that sells this device “” has no documentation listed and no call back number. I think these step down supplies are junk. Beware be for you buy.


I changed my ubec and have not had any issues since think it was just a faulty one, but u right no info with lots of the ubecs regarding jumper positions etc
I bought one of ebay RJJuice and emailed him to tell him that it was faulty and now has blocked me so i cannot buy anymore…not good customer service?


Hey Guys, eliminated the BEC/UBEC and simply moved to a USB 5V battery backup phone charger. they are $4 Canadian (less in the USA) and we just put on quick connects to our receiver to power it. then you just pull out USB power supply, charge it on laptop and your good for another 24 hrs of ride time! No Bec, no soldering, less money, less wiring, cleaner looking electronics box overall.

Just get an extra USB cord, cut the one end of and crimp on quick connectors and plug it into your receiver in channel two or aux to power it - done!

Like this:


It’s a workaround but not anything I would prefer or recommend over an UBEC. I would go crazy if I had to open my electronics box every time I go out. I vacuum test it after every closure to be sure it’s tight. And running an extra cable over to the battery box would be more cable mess, more work and 2 more cable glands that can fail.


Yes, with your setup it would require all that, not ideal for all setups, just sharing what I have done and what works well with our setup. We have to open our water box to put the battery pack in so its not extra work and no extra wire glands needed.


Have a look here:

1PCS 12S High Voltage Lithium Battery 12V 3A Anti Interference BEC Support 60V Own Filter Multi Axis RC Plant Protection Machine

You can choose between 12v and 5V

I love AliExpress :wink:


nice find @superlefax . I very much agree with @pacificmeister having a UBEC is definitively better. And will make your system a lot easier to use, just imagine taking your board out, then realizing you forgot the powerbank in your charger…


We all do things very differently here on the forum, there are many ways that work. I’m going at all aspects of this build from a very different way from most builders on there which are “the really hardcore must created every part of everything” makers.

Don’t get me wrong, I think its wicked. But I’m going for super simple, easy to mass produce design, and feel having two battery packs for the motor, and USB power bank you plug into the receiver is really sleek and simple with one cord. Saves soldering, heat shrinking BEC wires, multiple BEC wires flopping around etc…

Both ways work BEC or BEC-less, and if you do forget a battery pack, I’m sure you would not forget again and likely rubberband it to your remote which needs charged as well so they are together.


Finally received UBEC’s that work with 12S LIPPO. Check out this site:
Took awhile to get but it made design of circuit easer. Very happy with these UBEC’s, adjustable 5&12 volts. Works great for 200A relay in the 12 volt setting. Using the 5 volt UBEC for the receiver.