Any issues running adjustable UBEC over 12s voltage?


I’m designing my electronics circuit right now and am looking at the adjustable UBEC that everyone uses.

I know its ‘rated’ at 12s, but is it reliable at 12s? or are you guys running it off of a single lipo at 4s or 6s?


Our ubec has been working just fine. Did a reverse polarity connection once, that killed it. Got a new one, still running it directly on 12s.


@Climbineer pointed me to these: . They work great with my 12S and support up to 72V. Been using 2 of these for a while now, one in my esc box for the receiver, one in the battery box for my amp meter.


That looks super simple and durable. how do you wire that in exactly Pacificmeister? Could you show photos or a diagram?




Thats a really neat product. Very simple.

Side question. Is there any issue with running the RC received as well as a diaphragm pump off of one adjustible UBEC?

Both would run at 5v, the pump would only draw at most 500mA


Hi guys, i bought this ubec and did my first power up test and failed. I connected the ubec across the terminals of the esc batteries 2 x 6s in series. The ubec suppose to work at 12s but when i power it up i got no output from the device.My batteries fully charged are about 50v, anyone else had issues maybe blowing the ubec’s.


Maybe check the the jumper lead on the UBEC is in the correct position and making good contact. Also check that the UBEC plug is in the correct position in your receiver.


Hi rogjalon, I powered up first without the receiver plugged in as i wanted to test the output was 5v and make sure i had the jumper in its correct position for 5v.

I tested the voltage at the input of the PCB and voltage 6s 50v present, and test the output and nothing.
Not sure how it could be of got damaged?


Must be a faulty UBEC. I have the same one and it tested ok.


Tested above with 6s. Receiver and amp volt monitor on same circuit works great! 51064 no load 300w with 12s. Ubec and receiver are 6s.
Good unit. Had 10amp 1000volt diode polarity protection. Should add 47microfarad capacitor maybe?