Why would efoil cut out stops in the water,while riding, but hand held stay on and so does the board

Riding along and all of a sudden motor cuts out, but hand held and board in still on. Can continue for about 1 minute then cuts out again.
I know it could be just about anything but was hoping for a quick fix.

Thanks Foil fam


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A little more information would be helpful. You could start with the type of board…


Sounds like it might be a temperature cutoff kicking in…

Yea. If it’s water-cooled maybe it’s not getting water.

Thank you for your response.

Thanks Flightjunkie!

could also be under voltage protection

Doesn’t temp cutoff slowly ramp down the current curve in place of “hard cutoff” ?

Tell us a bit more about your setup. What battery, ESC, and motor are you using?