WhimsiFoil: new commercial brand from France


I came across this new efoil setup on http://www.whimsifoil.com
The prototypes are being developed in the south of France (Marseilles beaches, lakes along the Durance river…)

News coming (very) slowly on the usual channels:


According to Pascal Raoust, co-inventor:
"The innovations specific to our project (and which we plan to patent) concern simultaneously:

  • the foil (material, geometry and implementation),
  • the ergonomics of the system (removable foil and foldable inflatable board for easy transport),
  • a submerged motorization without waterproof enclosure
  • a stabilizing device that we develop to promote the accessibility of the product to the greatest number."

Few remarks:

  • Keep it simple: if this foil works without anhedral wing or fancy curve + is stable and manoeuvrable, it’s good news for DiYers as front and rear wings cores can be easily obtained from EPS/XPS using hot wire cutting technique + carbon fiber.
  • Rear wing with positive lift = not patentable
  • Non waterproof underwater propulsion = outrunner motor with direct drive ?