Which innovation would you like to see on a efoil board on the market

We are a group of 6 students engineer who are working with a battery company and our task it’s to propose them a e foil board. As the e foil world is new to us we were wondering if there was any innovation or design idea you guys might have or that you have always dream to see on your board. Put them here and your dream might come true !!!


That is an DIY Forum, we build our dreams ourselves :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


haha fair enough, i was just trying to brainstorm with people who are passionate about it to offer a appealing product. I believe the efoil board still have a lot of room for innovation and improvement, but our knowledge are still limited as i never own one myself.

Stan, id say, read before looking for suggestions. You need about 3 to 4 days under your belt on the stats page not 7 minutes. Hundreds of ideas beaten around and all sorts of innovation on the forum here, uts a great resource and several commercial products born from here. Im sure you guys will get tonnes of ideas and help here

With things like this it is sometimes better to think outside the box.

Actually we did do a lot of research i just thought this was a cool topics as well that it might be fun for people to say some idea they have and couldn’t realize by them self.

You are totally right that’s why i wanted to brainstorm with a community who actually live around the foil. Sometimes after using a object for a while you might realize that some stuff could be done differently or in a better way.

Board only or board + foil ?

I’ve got a couple of things.

  1. A pre-drilled mast with with three holes for the motor wires plus adapters for most commercial foils.

  2. A ESC that’s made in North America or Europe that is both reasonably priced and reliable. Preferably, the instructions would be in English and written by a someone who understands the language . Not trying to be xenophobic but I only speak English and I simply can’t figure out some of the Chinese instructions.

  3. Pre-built aluminum parts to include mast connectors and props. Props need to be categorized by motor size, speeds, amp usage, etc.

  4. A low cost waterproof remote.

  1. Low cost, actually waterproof remote
  2. A low cost folding prop that was efficient from 8-30mph and did little damage to human appendages during a strike at operating rpm

If you solved these two things you would make lots of money and success with your team as everyone riding an electric surfboard or foilboard would buy one or more.

Also, what school and which battery company are you working with? Many of us in here are engineers.


Universtity of British columbia (UBC) and this is our capstone project (senior year project)

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I can appreciate the enthusiasm, however a lot of other industries have quickly realized most of the gains before you. The e-skate/e-bike world revolutionized motor control beyond standard sensorless BLDC commutaion, implementing FOC. Benjamin Vedder’s project has had a meaningful impact around the globe. Likewise, the hand controller from e-skate is easily repurposed for e-foil.

I think your work with any battery manufacturer would be wholesale purchase of 18650 lion cells. Which, again, is common practice. Create a waterproof case for your battery cells, that is low hanging fruit. Ruling out the commercially available selections, the best this forum can produce seems to be laser-cut acrylic case.

The commercial foils and boards for kite surfing seem to be pretty great already, not really room for improvement.

Finally, a propeller could be a good bet, which is where I am starting - I will design a propeller, similar to many other users on this forum.

Hi Stan-

I had great success collaborating on this forum to build an efoil for my senior year project. Check it out here: Computer Engineering Team Build @ Santa Clara University In the process of completing this project for school I realized there are lots of mini projects to take on. All of my personal projects have since become efoil mini projects for the foreseeable future! Since you are working with a battery company I’ll share a battery related idea. In my build I used 2 x 6S Li-Po batteries with voltage alarms. Works great! An improvement could be a device which also logs battery voltage granular to each cell (perhaps synchronized in time with ESC data). A bigger project could be building an entire BMS! I think there are enough pictures (unfortunately) of efoil battery carnage on the forum to justify a project which improves battery safety in some way.


Hard top convertible with a seat, turbo boost button, joystick controls, smart gyro stabilizer, and a drink holder of course.


Gyro Stabilization, servo-driven in the back wing (Stab)

Or small gyro stabalized wing in the front like canard system.