Where should I start! There are a lot of components to complete a build

I’m not new to foiling, but new to efoiling…I would like to start a build but where should I start? I’m located in the USA, HAWAII…

I was thinking maybe I should start by making the 3d printed parts? I found a few local companies that can I can send the files and have them printed. But do you guys think it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a 3d printer? I was looking at the AnyCubic Mega-S. cost around $260 with the aliexpress sale coming up next week.

I appreciate the help and advise.

Begin by selecting the type of drive - whether without gearbox or with gearbox, if outrunner engine or inrunner engine, if the propeller with or without pipe. This will probably be the hardest decision.

I’m thinking I should stick with “pacificmeister” plans for a first build. Use the inrunner sss 56104 motor with gearbox.

Thanks Dynamic for responding…

Welcome aboard Sean.
Depending on your technical background, this is a wise decision because PM project has been constantly updated. You might also be interested in HIORTH variant with his TP power engine.
Buying somebody’s parts of unfinished project could be a cost effective solution.
Ordering the pod parts online will cost around 150usd which is not so far from the price of a 3D printer.
Don’t hesitate to make a call to find sbdy close to you building a efoil.

It’s a bit overwhelming at this point. I’m sure the more I read and learn, the more understanding I’ll have. It’s a big commitment to build on if these. The cost associated can add up quick. I’ll take a look at the other projects available :call_me_hand:t3:

Need Help Making adjustments to .stl files. I bought a 3d printer to start having fun. I printed Pacificmeister Mast clamps, but my mast is different from his. I can’t figure out how to change the size. I need to increase the length of both front and back, and adjust the angles a little.

I downloaded fusion 360. But have never used it before, and I’m new to 3d printing. Any help/advise is greatly appreciated. I could possible compensate someone to make the adjustments. I’m still looking into both Pacificmeister’s and Hiorth’s builds. Maybe having files adjusted to both?


What mast do you have?

See if there is a “makerspace” in your area. They are clubs that rent space and stock it with tools. We have: 5 3d printers, 2 metal lathes, CNC minimill, … and we are small. $40/month. Social and knowledge base is great too (fusion360, ESCs, raspberry pi, machining,…).

There is one located in my state. I will go check it out. Thanks for responding!!!

Hope it works for you. The other advice I have is to spend 40-80 hours just reading threads on this site. Then specify your design and budget before spending any money. Everything has to work together efficiently and that won’t happen if you just jump in. I’m two months ahead of you and my design is 80% done in my head. Nothing ordered yet.

Below is the alibaba link to the foil I have. I bought one to try with my prone foil board. Didn’t provide enough lift in smaller waves.

I think I’m right behind you in reading threads…I did buy the Anycubic 3d printer because it was on sale. I figured I could use it to have fun with my kids also. But you are correct about designing it, and which route to go. It is a big investment with no guarantee…