Where should I start! There are a lot of components to complete a build


I’m not new to foiling, but new to efoiling…I would like to start a build but where should I start? I’m located in the USA, HAWAII…

I was thinking maybe I should start by making the 3d printed parts? I found a few local companies that can I can send the files and have them printed. But do you guys think it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a 3d printer? I was looking at the AnyCubic Mega-S. cost around $260 with the aliexpress sale coming up next week.

I appreciate the help and advise.


Begin by selecting the type of drive - whether without gearbox or with gearbox, if outrunner engine or inrunner engine, if the propeller with or without pipe. This will probably be the hardest decision.


I’m thinking I should stick with “pacificmeister” plans for a first build. Use the inrunner sss 56104 motor with gearbox.

Thanks Dynamic for responding…


Welcome aboard Sean.
Depending on your technical background, this is a wise decision because PM project has been constantly updated. You might also be interested in HIORTH variant with his TP power engine.
Buying somebody’s parts of unfinished project could be a cost effective solution.
Ordering the pod parts online will cost around 150usd which is not so far from the price of a 3D printer.
Don’t hesitate to make a call to find sbdy close to you building a efoil.


It’s a bit overwhelming at this point. I’m sure the more I read and learn, the more understanding I’ll have. It’s a big commitment to build on if these. The cost associated can add up quick. I’ll take a look at the other projects available :call_me_hand:t3: