What hydrofoil for E-foil.?


@blocoloco, have you figured out the section of the f-one mast in the meantime?


@pb1 not yet, i’m still building the board.


Yes, I’m aware. I also saw that you are putting standard US Boxes into your boards which makes a lot of sense.

Note that the f-one masts all come with either KF or deep-KF box mounts and these mounts are not removable.

So in fact I would not recommend using f-one foils for eFoils as drilling the mast and the mount is difficult. I’m even thinking about switching to another brand for my eFoil.


Hi Kozaz,
I unfurtunately did not have time to test it before the Winter came in Canada…now, eveything is Ice! I will test it in May :O(


Where do you pickup the electric motors for these?


Hi Vince,
Same motor as Pacific Meister… from China… SSS 56104…


I did not get the chance to test it on Water yet… the lakes are frozen in Canada now… waiting for spring :O)



if anyone needs it:

Everything is ready for the cable.

For efoil builder community -10% cheaper


Looks good, can you give some details? Mast length, wing span and dept, lift speed. material and total weight?


Hi my name is Alexander, I am living in Canada as well. Have you done your test already?


We are using the Cloud 9 P27 foil which is awesome, its 100% carbon including the fuslage making it super light compared to the other foils we have tested like liquid force and a no-name china.


Moses 633 surf /sup/pump/wave kite is awesome


Up playing with our new efoil board and cloud 9 P27 (Kite,Surf, Sup foil)


I got a Slingshot hover glide mast and wings for my direct drive jet, I guess now it’s time to get a board. VeFoil, would your board work with the mast? When is it ready? What are other good board options if I don’t want to mess with epoxy and glass?


Kite race boards have often nearly optimal shape and volume, you just need to make compartments for your electronics if you want to.
Pacificmeister posted this list of old kite race boards which are a great starting point for a search. Look for boards with something around 70-90L depending on your weight.


Yes, we have a hoverglide mast and foil on our board now and its out of this work wicked!!!