What do you think about these electrics safety solutions?


I wonder the same. I did some research and was unable to find anything for 50V 300A.


For a cutoff switch between the battery and the board electronics I would just use a few parallel mosfets (i have some IRFP2907 and MCP1407 drivers left over). With some overvoltage protection diodes for voltage spikes from shutting down such high currents this has been working fine for me in a diy welder. If you monitor the voltage drop across the mosfet you could even get a crude current measurement and shut the FETs off if an overcurrent occurs.
I hope this helps you in with your research.


You need to be able to switch 300A? The benefit of the SSR is to be able to cost effectively switch the battery power to the ESC on/off via a low power switch. Would also be useful for emergency kill circuit. Generally SSR’s greater than 100A are very expensive. If these are accurate specs then they are very good value. Note that depending on the quality of the SSR they have a small voltage drop and will generate some heat when conducting, especially at very high currents.


Hello PM, guess you mean the righthandside pin = pin 3 (well -depends which way you look at it) is 0 when a magnet is near ? I ordered this Hall switch but I am wondering how you used this Hall switch. Connected the output of the UBEC towards pin 1 (Vin) and 2 (GND) and connected then 1 and 3 to the receiver without any additional electronic components (resistor or so) ?

Btw, all of you thanks for the wonderful contributions. I am a kitesurfer in Belgium, started to foil last summer, were discussing the videos on efoil from PM, and I started also building my efoil since october or so, and to be honest did not realize the energy/time this costs. Ended up buying a diy kit 3D printer… Hope to be ready by May-June.


Yes, that’s how I wired it up. No additional components. Problem was that it was not reliable with all receivers I tried, some still worked without connected ground, guess they got it from the esc cable. Disconnecting the esc ground cable caused too much noise. So am back to a simple reed switch cutting the + right now.