What are some reliable motors and ESC's that are not super expensive?

Hi, I am looking to build an electric jetsurf but have a budget of $500 is there any reliable motors and ESC’s that would fit this budget?

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Hey, I’m currently working on a jetsurf project as well.
Reliability will be greatly affected by matching the right components, battery pack, esc, motor prop size etc. everything goes hand in hand.
In my opinion your budget is abit tight, but it could work.
Now, from my experience you might want to stay away from outrunners on this type of application, it’s not that easy to keep them cool and happy inside a sealed compartment.
From my experience, you should aim towards relatively high voltage and low amperage.

56104 BLDC motor 360kv-500kv inrunner with water-cooling jacket/sleeve, on 12s/16s.
Flier 400A esc - Boat version.
60mm-70mm prop jet-drive.
Keep in mind that you’re going to need a small pool for testing (alot of testing) before taking it to open water, you might as well start experimenting with a 3D printed jet-drive before investing into something expensive,
Good luck!

Can you link some successful builds with a 60mm-70mm prop jet-drive?

Yea…$500 is a bit tight. Just the cells to build my battery were over $700.

Für leichte Fahrer:

6384 Outrunner 120kv
7x5 Propeller
130A ESC Seaking
12s Lipo (, 2x 6s)
Gruss Frank