Welcome Electric Hydrofoil Builders and Riders


Welcome to efoil.builders, a community for ALL electric foiling enthusiasts. Regardless if you are building one yourself, riding one or are just curious. This is the place to exchange information and learn.

Electric foiling is an exciting new way to “fly” silently across the water without a making a wake. Super fun to ride. If you want to ride now, you need to build one. The first commercially available electric foils are expected to hit the market in 2018.

I started my build early 2017 and documented my journey here. So much fun! I have made many friends and interesting connections and I learned a lot from other makers. Up to now information is spread across many sites and channels, difficult to collect together. It is time for a dedicated electric hydrofoil forum where we can all share and drive innovation forward together. I am also open sourcing my designs. Let’s get started. See you on your electric foils soon!



Thanks for all the effort man, followed your every step since summer.
Your a true pioneer and great inspiration!

Cheers JWB