We made it. electric foil surfboards will playing by more people




What is the pricing like for your boards? I’d love it if someone here started selling boards that weren’t priced like Lift. I’d rather be out riding right now!


What would be great…is if they brought a thousand or so finished boards to USA and sell with being able to actually see one, feel one and see what people give for feedback…or…essentially fast forward five years.


Well patents will be the issue in USA, until they get their own patent or pay for licensing rights you wont see them in the USA being sold. If you going to order from China it will be individual orders for the time being, and not 1000 units being sold commercially.


All I need is one. VeFoil idea looks great. Is it just plans that they help you build your own? Or will that be a retail product at a realistic price too?

Either way, I kitesurf and love my Clearwater hydrofoil. But a motor on it would be awesome.


Thanks, Tsacchetti, we are finalizing all the parts and complete kits that will be plug-n-play and affordable cost which is posted here:
Jet system with water-box and electronics
Waterproof remote and receiver
eFoil board
All our individual parts will be available as well as motor, impellers, battery packs, wiring harness,ESC.


That’s great. I actually am now a supporter. I look forward to getting a kit or as complete of a board as possible. Can’t wait.