Waydoo Flyer mentioned on electrek.co

Quote: "The Shenzhen-based technology company Waydoo will unveil a prototype of its upcoming electric hydrofoil board known as the Waydoo Flyer next week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV.

The electric hydrofoil board is designed to allow surfing even without any waves and removes one of the major obstacles to learning the sport of surfing."

Looks like E-Foil is going mainstream. Electrek.co surely has got many followers…

What kind of build is this? Does anyone know?

6000w motor… Board seems to be on the 200+ liters… 4400 Euros…Delivered or is that plus customs tax plus shipping…

Is the rear wing really that big, or am I missing something?

The rear wing does look kind of large in other photos. I think the camera angle is making it look even bigger.

I noticed the mast, where it meets the motor pod is kind of square with what looks like 4 bolts. 2 above the motor pod, and 2 under the motor pod. I am wondering if the motor is actually built in to the mast section, or maybe the ESC is in the mast section of the motor pod. Anyone got a guess?

I purchased their demo board at CES last week.

It is structurally identical to the Lift (all carbon fiber), but they plan in placing the ESC in front of the motor for direct water cooling.

I will visit their factory in Shenzhen right after Chinese New Year.



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Any update?

Curious if anyone has any first-hand experience with these.

They are not very active. Maybe not many customer enquiries due to the price increase a few days before the 2019 CES show last January from $5,000 to $8,000 ?

Yeah I noticed that price increase after I posted. Pretty much kills the appeal for me.

At $4,999 it would’ve been worth the risk to try an unknown Chinese brand, but at $7,999 I’d probably just pay the extra to go with a well-known brand like Lift or Flite. Local support makes a big difference too.

Nothing, I saw them in China, and they were not ready to sell me anything, although the did want me to pay up front.

I’ll see if they are at CES2020

So for 4999 sales price the new waydoo.one looks really promising & worthy to me! Looks like they have big drone company as engineering backup… creating a new flagship killer! Makes it even hard to DIY at that price :sweat_smile:

don’t know … why speed up video if it is a good product?

Nonsense, you can build a great diy board for 2000 that will perform just as well and most likely better. But for someone that’s not skilled in DIY and would like a basic option it might not be a bad option…

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If you say so…I already spent more than 4000$ in all parts, including battery and charger and it is way far from being that perfect…But shure you can buid it cheaper…all depends how much time you`ve got and what quality level you want :sweat_smile:

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Where have you found the price in USD ? Is it shipping included ?
I can only find the price in € that is 5500€, spare battery cost 1750€ here: http://flyingfishfoils.eu/product/waydoo-flyer

Only 3D drawings for the Waydoo One but some obvious similarities with the Volt efoil with ESC on top of the mast too:
WD ONE vs Mantafoils

the first #waydoo_one efoils will arrive in europe next month. you can order them now for 4499€ +tax. The first ones in germany&austria will be available by end of July. Drop us a mail.

or check on youtube

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Would you share some thechnical data on your propulsion system ? Direct drive I guess, what’s the power output ? RPM ?

I was thinking about something like this :


Screenshot from pegasusfoil