Waterproof remote housing


My experience with the company was good man, I wouldn’t make that up. I was getting no refund/reward for writing my experience on the forum. So far the remote has been great and as far as I am aware it is the best remote for eFoil you can buy currently.

If the remote gives any issues I’ll post it here.

Sure, we could lower the price, but for me it was no big deal, I was sick of using an RC car remote in a zip lock bag, and the remotes that I built needed more time.


Sorry Jake, I shouldn’t have assumed anything. I have a lot of respect for all 3 of you guys who reviewed the product, and do believe your reviews to be honest. I just thought you all may have been asked to do it. Im sure it’s a great product, but heavily over priced in my opinion
.I just believe they could do a better deal, when there’s 1600 potential buyers here. They arranged a special deal for the esk8 community, and feel there’s no reason why it couldn’t be done for us.


Thanks man it’s all good :+1:. I didn’t realise maytech gave the esk8 crew a discount…I see what you are saying now. It would be mint if we all got the remote for the $55 less.


I think $250 is too high for the remote! It doesn’t have any cruise control or anything like that. I think a much more realistic price would be around $130 region.


It’s basically a $40 remote in a $200 plastic housing. It’s great that it’s waterproof, but at the end of the day it’s just another piece of moulded plastic.


I agree. I was going to order it but then I realized the final cost with transport etc. I would pay 150€ max. And still I would think it is expensive. As rogjalon wrote, it is just remote with plastic housing…
I wish they would fix similar discount as they did for esk8 community. I bet more people would get it for that price…


I just received my remote from maytech. I was informed that it would ship by the 30th and was suprised when it arrived on the 30th. Shipping time was 3 days via dhl to US.

The remote looks durable and the throttle is smooth and linear. It is also not overly sensitive like some of the cheaper eskate remotes.

The receiver comes as a small circuit board with no protection as shown on other posts. The receiver has one port open where a positive wire is soldered to give the live voltage readout of your on board battery. The receiver has one servo extension for input. It takes the signal wire from the esc and the positive and negative wire from the bec. I coated it with corossionx and heat shrink.

The remote turns itself off after 10 minutes if not bound to the esc. The unit did come pre bound when it was received. It has very good reception. I will water test in the next couple weeks and update.

I felt the remote was a bit expensive but after receiving the setup I think it is a good value. After all I think I have 3k plus in the total efoil and was getting tired of the ziplock bag mess.

I paid full price and was not given any deal for a review. See pics below


Does it have the ability to give you battery read outs? What’s on the screen? MPH?


It will give you the battery readout of the remote in the form of a bar graph. It will also give you the total battery voltage in a bar graph of the main battery in the board.

The main numbers you see indicate the current throttle setting in percent.


Hi mine turned up today looks great. Did you wire the ground and 5v to seperate power source as esc has no Bec. The reciever I use at the moment has terminals for 5v power supply but this one doesn’t. Thanks.


Yes I use a separate bec and wired the positive 5v to the red wire and the bec ground to the black wire. I removed the red and black wires from the esc plug. For most esc you only need the signal wire to plug into the receiver if using a bec.


Cool thanks got it going eventually I needed to connect 5v back to the esc as well as the receiver. Thanks for your help.


Hi, I have also bought a waterproof remote from Eileen. The service i recieved when i wanted to buy the remote was very good quick to respond but once i revieved the item the service was not same. I emailed them asking some question with some issues i was getting and she not replied, then i sent an email through this site to her and still not reply. I am worried about the after market service


The product seems good quality.
I am having an issue and was wondering if anyone else got same issue or can help.
The remote seems not to pair properly and i get beeping in motor as if its not paired. when i pull throttle motor does not runs but then if i pull throttle slowly suddenly i get a pairing beep and the motor runs, but it will only start to operate the motor from the position i had the throttle when the pairing process completed and beeps stopped. I have tried calibrating the throttle etc but still just starts from eg 40 percent. When i power it off eg if i fall off then i need to repeat the following process to get it to work again.
Im sure this is a good product and maybe done something out of sequence
Any help much appreciated


For what it’s worth,I’m pretty sure you’re not getting a reply on your remote is because of the Chinese new Year. Did you figure out your problem?


Seems like your esc is calibrated to think neutral throttle is in the middle, similar to some remotes with a reverse option where the trigger is spring loaded to the middle. Your remote is paired fine because you are able to run the motor after advancing the throttle. If I remember right the receiver led turns solid red once the tx and rx are paired.

The throttle calibration just adjusts the travel on the transmitter to make sure you are getting full range 0 to 100 percent.

I think you need to calibrate the esc with your new setup.


Thanks for the help yes that sorted it out. Time to water test


Is there any way to get the Maytech remote to also read out amps? That would be :raised_hands:. @Eileen


it can’t show current now. I will tell our engineer team. Thanks for advice!


Amps are very important for this sport so voltage, amps, capacity would be great. And maybe one day the devices can be calibrated for speed. But that’s a far fetch.


I found Amps useful when first testing, but once I know they are not excessive, I only look at my voltage to gauge my range.