Waterproof remote housing


Hi @Jezza , the first batch was sold out and we collected some feedback from customers.


Who exactly is already using the remote? I don’t know of anyone on here, the E-skate forum or the Jetsurf forums that have a unit yet. Therefore there doesn’t seem to be any independent feedback available. I also know that production was only meant to finish late December. If you could get the testers themselves to comment on the forum that would be great thanks.


yeah, I will ask them if they would like to share here. Thanks @Jezza


These remotes were offered a couple weeks ago to the esk8 community for $130 USD. I was offered a price of $170 only if I make a video review and post it on this forum. This price was not negotiable. This is way overpriced for a unproven, untested prototype.
I feel as a group we could negotiate a much better price.


see original post, thanks! :slight_smile: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/closing-tonight-01-16-19-maytech-r2-style-remote-sample-tester-buy-including-mtvesc6-6-dyno-brake-and-motors/80239/34


I contacted this seller when the advertised special was still active. The seller refused to sell at the advertised price. She responds rudely to communications and can’t be trusted.
Avoid at all cost.


I have one it was delivered last week
just need to get round to testing it


What price did you pay? @Nickburton


I have found the seller very good
she communicates very well with me
and the remote was shipped promptly
with no issues

I just need new batteries for my board and I can test


very professionals packaged and I just placed it on the charger connected to my laptop and it charged very quickly


How does it connect to the battery in the board to give you live voltage readings. I didnt see a connection for this feature on the receiver.


Nick, did you buy it via the alibaba link above at full price or the Hyperion link that she was promoting at half the price to the esk8 guys at the same time.


Very impressed with the Maytech controller, lightweight, ergonomic, elegant, I was waiting for a controller like this, i will make water test videos on my Youtube chan next days. And the seller Eileen is a great and communicative person. Congrats!! https://www.youtube.com/user/vayrus7


I have one as well, it arrived this week, on time. Ive got 4-5 hours riding on it so far, most of that being done in salt water riding in the ocean.

The throttle is very firm, which I like a lot. Really good for fine motor control to help you stay balanced on the wing without giving too much/not enough throttle.

I can recommend this remote to anyone with my experience so far!

Eileen had quick communication and was very helpful.


Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t realise so many guys had them! Looks really great!


It all sounds a bit scripted. I was offered $10 to do the same.


So do you have the remote and have you tested it?


I was surprised too. Since they just launched this product and not enough tests has been done I am very skeptical about the feedbacks


No Jezza I haven’t. I was offered a $10 refund only after I posted a positive review.
Here’s my experience with Maytech.
After seeing the Alibaba link to their remote here, I contacted them and tried and negotiate for all of us the same deal that had been offered to the esk8 builders of $130. There was also another link where one of their suppliers was offering it for $145 including shipping, which ended on the day of my first contact. I was offered a price of $170 plus $25 postage only if I posted a video review. I tried to negotiate further and was offered a further $10 refund after a positive review had been posted. I was then told " we’re not forcing you to buy it, if you can’t accept the price, then just let this go"
I have since contacted the Maytech manager and now waiting for a response.
I believe as a group we should have the same buying power as the esk8 guys.


Correct, you are right! I almost pulled the trigger a couple of weeks back for around 200$ which was apparently the best deal I could get! I would have been really upset to find out that they offered it on the esk8 forum for 55$ less.