Waterproof remote housing


Great! It’s really nice to be able to swich on the waterpump at the last moment when everything is closed so it’s not running out of water too long. I used this https://www.conrad.ch/fr/commutateur-master-c7486-1-pcs-1435736.html connected in the channel 2 of my receiver.


i connected the switch directly to the power button (parallel without removing the switch)
and glue it with hot glue
on the outside I glue ring of metal

ring of metal


I see. That is pretty clever!
The thumb control doesn’t need to be protected against water?


there is only a magnet, a spring and a small sensor inside
a drop of glue on the sensor and wires and that’s it


Ok so I’m having trouble wiring my Hall effect sensor to my remote it’s not working with the magnets. Can anyone help me.


Maytech waterproof remote will be ready soon! :wink:


Any idea if this one has a cruise control function?
What is the price and when it will be released?


Price around 180-200 with charger apparently , ready for january…


You can check more details and pre-order here:


hi MauiMan,

i have started design of alien remote housing.
i think i can have 3d model in 2 or 3 weeks,


Very nice! Let me know, my 3D printer has been collecting dust :sunglasses:


Updates: test video underwater


More pictures and videos :speaker:


Here is instruction video: https://youtu.be/IbROX-fJrZU


wouldn’t be better to have a separate section for advertisement? Or ask for sponsorship for who want to advertise?
I see manufacturers already started to recognize this community and these kind for advertisements seems not aligned with the purpose of the DIY forums.


Can you release the code for the screen because I’m using the same one and just need some help with code


sorry it’s not open-source.


Hi @Eileen , would it be possible to get a test/demo unit out to one or more of the guys here as I think that would go a long way in convincing others the remote control is worth the money.


Is it possible to dedicate one button or the top trigger to act as an on/off button for something like a waterpump or a light?


it’s a good idea. I will advise our engineer in next version. Thanks for your advice.