Waterproof remote housing


Inside view

What are the pros and cons vs that other Alien one ?


I chose the Alien for safety reasons. If your ESC does not account for radio signal loss, and kills power to the engine, the Alien reciever will do this for you. If you fall into the water or the reciever gets too far from the transmitter, the Alien will kill power to the ESC and saves you from alot of swimming. Hope that helps.


I have both remote , the last one (maytech) works as well in safety feature , it cuts esc power very fast when signal is lost

If @gobbla is willing to do the waterproofcover , i can bring him the first one next time i see him


Thanks Alexandre, if you can take it for next meeting, it should be great


You guys have meetings??


Hello Vefoil, when can I order this remote to europe and what will be the final price for DIYer…?


We are preparing for production mid Jan then it will be 60 days after that roughly for delivery. Likely $199


Will you be selling your remote with a receiver so we can plug straight into our ESC


yes, waterproof remote, and receiver


32 mm parts of garden water system +universal thumb throttle


Looks good! How is it performing?


works great
much more convenient than a wireless control in a bag
have good control
the magnet is relatively long and the range of motion is large


Nice! I’ve done something similar but have not water tested it yet. Have you done anything to waterproof/corrosion proof the bafang throttle control?


hot glue works well , but it’s better to coat with epoxy
silicon could work but in my part there was not enough room near the sensor

My 3 month build

Really nice! Would you mind releasing a part list and maybe a small construction manual? I have two of those small remotes and would like to modify one.


Do you have a link to the throttle you used?


Wireless Charging Receiver
Thumb Throttle
reed switch
Waterproof Connector
all plastic parts are local gardening store
If I had parts of PVC and glue then it would have been easier(more thin but not an opening option)

My 3 month build

Thanks mate! How do you waterproof the thumb control?
How are using the reed switch?


Hi VeFoil!
Do you plan to have more than one channel on your remote? I use a the second channel button on my e-skate remote to switch on the waterpump when I’m ready to go and it’s really useful.


We converted the second channel to a three speed governor for learn, cruise, sport mode, but we could add a second channel switch also likely for this. Ill look into it, should not be an issue for them to add it to PCB before we go into production!