Waterproof Remote Control for 40$

Still didn’t get mine! Anybody ordered a month ago and didn’t receive it yet??

Got mine a while ago, it works (in dry condition) but I‘m not so sure about the way they waterproofed it. I doubt that it will last because it it is not really water proof, but just made water resistant, water is entering the case.

Yeah I’m planning to further waterproof the electronics inside! Probably with corrosionX!

use double condoms, extry thick. It has a wireless charger, no need to open it ever. The thumb trigger is much longer than on the enertion nano-x and has a better lever and feeling. It is still a little bit too small, i think, if someone wants to create, print, use this electronics with hall sensor and larger style, i am interested.

I took mine apart after hearing it might need more waterproofing. This is what it looks like. I guess water runs freely through it which is kinda scary.

Not sure how to waterproof it more since water will definitely get in via trigger. I guess I can put more coating on the circuit board.

I also have this "waterproof"controller, it’s very simple, I’m sure that it will die in a few days!

Got it too, do you guys think it’s possible to coat it better with a brush and epoxy resin ? i don’t have plastidip

As I was expecting, it is not water proof at ALL! just a simple conformal coating, no provision to avoid water leak in mechanical design! and that nonsense red extra wire antenna is hilarious. Is it possible for you to get the part number for 8 pin chip? thats is the wireless charge chip which seems very simple wireless charge circuitry to adopt for DIY wireless remotes.

I have this conformal coating that I was going to apply on top of what is already there.

Hopefully it makes it better?

conformal coating will help but will not water proof it. Since there is no way to stop water leak inside I am thinking about plasti-dip. on both side of the PCB, with enough layers to cover all sharp pins on both sides. Hopefully it will waterproof the pentameter. Other way is to use a condom inside the case to seal the electronics rather than outside. So no ways your for your remote to make babies with sharks

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Mine has stopped working went well for around 2hrs use sometimes submerged. Fault seemed to be around battery connections.

This is what the non water proof version looks like inside. I have had 2 of these. Both eventually started not turning on. The on/off switch starts to become intermittent. Then eventually even with wiggling it and jiggling it, it wont turn on.

I also found that the travel of the speed switch was so small, if was very difficult to not go from nothing to full blast. Hard to control speed accurately.

video showing remote getting a good dunking when foil ran into a sandbar at 30kmh


Waterproof is not the term I would use…


It is not waterproof at all. Mine burnt. !!!

I just filled mine with two part pouring silicone.

You have to take the power switch out and put in a blank where the switch will move, and then trim where the throttle will move.
Only thing to maintain now is the spring with a bit of corrosion x.

Has the silicone affected the signal at all?

The permittivity of silicone is about the same as the abs case around it. Dk of silicone is 3.2 vs 2.8 for abs. The silicone is pretty thin over the top of the transmitter. Plus the transmitter wire comes out of the silicone anyway.

I haven’t noticed any effect on performance. It certainly is a much nicer remote to use than the last winning remote I had.

what is the brand of that silicone?

Smooth on Mold Star 30. Its the same stuff I mould all my seals from. Great stuff!

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