Water in electronics enclosure, chamois for the win! (aka chamies)

So I was in a rush to reassemble my efoil. During the process of putting it back together, I forgot to plug in the water ejection tube that goes from the ESC out of the board (it’s watercooled). I only rode for a few minutes thankfully, but I opened the electronics enclosure and saw a LOT of water. Thankfully I put a bunch of water absorbing chamois in towards the back as a “catch all” for any water intrusion. This saved my batteries and my electronics from a giant mess as they absorbed the majority of the water.

So if you’re building a board, consider putting some chamois or something else water absorbing in your board as it might save the day!


I had exactly the same problem and also use some water absorption materials. I already noticed it after 10 sec so not realy a problem.

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Good to know but what about a water detector linked to an alarm ?

I used to use these:

But they false alarmed too much so I removed them. Plus, they were very hard to hear once put in the board.