Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world


@guldsteen Here’s a few pics:

This was my older board so a few things have changed, such as the thickness of the epoxy as the coils got too hot, the electronics box has a battery % display and a few other minor adjustments.

Sorry for the late reply.



Didn’t one member here fry his motor by sealing it all in with epoxy? He even tried to use like 50% copper dust film for better thermals but found it to be tens of times less inefficient than just plain water cooling (that 1-2 liters per minute)?


No problem with the cooling :slight_smile:


Slow improvement with practice.
Project X aka Flying Nemo aka XFoil
And my wife calls it “The Mistress”


First run. 12s (42,5ah) Seaking 130A, 500kv, Neugart 5:1. Gong 65cm medium foil.
“Flat nose” board 135x70cm.

Very easy ride. Cruising at 35 amps.


35 amps :star_struck:


Hi everyone! I’m on my way home after a magical two day boat show with only electric and hybrid boats. It was hosted by the Swedish maritime museum in Stockholm and its been covered by national media in Sweden.

I brought both my foils v1and v2 and my hybrid boat. I did demo runs both days and it was a success.

I also had the chance to meet with true pioneers Candela Speed boats and we did a all electric foiling run together. Pure magic :slight_smile:

More pictures and videos to come.


This candela thingy is super amazing. Saw their progress few years back and was amazed on how mobile and stable their mechanisms are!


last part is with new e-foil without mast:p, from Venice.