Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world


I am surprised that Tesla hasn’t shown anything yet…

@just :


das geht gut, beeindruckend


wo gibt es ein video davon??


based only on 3:42 of the video maybe the sea of galilee . walking on water :slight_smile:

nur basierend auf 3:42 des videos vielleicht das meer von galiläa. auf Wasser laufen :slight_smile:


Is there a direct link to the video??


9899 euros…


36v i understand so 10s , flat configuration of 18650 , you can feet 3 cells in 50mm lying down , it can be made by using a waterproof case for 17" pc :wink:


That is the definition of a Rip-Off! How can they charge so much for an e-foil that hardly performs. The lift and Flite eFoils have cutting edge propulsion systems, and sleek, well tuned wings/boards for great handling, and cost the exact same as this.

Waviator looks huge, bulky and slow judging by the appearance. It looks a lot like the boards some other members here are posting to sell for much cheaper :thinking:


because this is the new video to introduce the efoil which highlighted in black color in the photo by Lisa Lol


Made a quick edit from riding today, nice conditions :slight_smile:


Haha, fully clothed! Nice. You are very good rider.
Can you pls let me know what setup you are using? Motor ,Gearbox, Prop, wing?



Thank you
it is nice to not get wet when it is only 0 degrees in the air.
Foil: Slingshot “blue” windsurf foil.
Motor: TTP power ø56 the short one.
Gearbox: Neugart PLE 40 5:1
ESC: Seaking 130A HV passive cooling
Battery: 4x hobbyking 16Ah 6s
Controller and electronics: homemade made
board : Homemade about 100L
Prop and guard: h
omemade made


Hi, thanks. So it is the TPpower 6550?? What KV? And the gearbox is 1:5?
The prop and guard is the one you uploaded to Grabcad?


Yeah, we’ve got the same board for a third of the cost!
As to performance though, we’re going to give Lift a run for the money. $10,000 worth. There are huge advantages for having a large foil and board. Especially for people not named Kai Lenny. Lift has proven very difficult to learn due to the small wing/board combo. Check out the Will Smith video. The Flying Rodeo board shows Mike from jetsurf nation not able to even get up because of the board size. He seems to be a competent rider. What about a true beginner? Our top speed is similar to those boards, so not much performance gained by using “cutting edge propulsion”.
We’ll offer a small board, faster motor and high end wing when the time comes. Just waiting on a few things. Similar costs to the big boards. Don’t have to pay for the extra carbon fiber.


While I’m here. Check out this video from Red bull. No electric foil, but the likely future of electric board sports. More flying Slovenians!


Good stuff! that drone surfing is awesome :slight_smile:

There is no real advantage in my opinion to a super large board like yours, it is less nimble due to inertia, and also is MUCH harder to transport. Ive given people who have never eFoiled or Foiled a go of my eFoil and even full beginners are up standing (not flying) within 10 minutes! My board is the opposite of buoyant.
I’ve seen videos of many beginners riding on both Lift and Flite eFoils, they seem easy to learn to me, and once you rise above beginner stage you want to be able to grow with your eFoil anyway. Also, even if your board has the same top speed as lift, “cutting edge propulsion” is about more than just performance; it is about having no vibration, smooth, no cavitation, no maintenance, etc, and very importantly: efficiency at high speeds.

Yours is 1/3rd of the price it is the best value for money eFoil judging by the SPECS currently, it has its place!


I like that such a big player like Audi is in the game. That helps making e-foils popular and hopefully will bring up some new design ideas…
Would love to see Porsche Design entering the game:sweat_smile:
1KW power usage at 25km/h is our goal for this year on every foil :+1:

ELEvate AddOn System


Managed to find a friend to fly my drone and put this together.



Hey Jake. Looks amazing! Just started collecting parts for my efoil build. Could you share some detailed pictures of your, more specific your wirering onto/inside the board and your waterproof case?