Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world


Master Kai and his girl being all Titanic on a Lift efoil.

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There you go. Looks better that way!


Hi! Its been a great summer in Sweden. the water is still around 20 degrees but Im back to work. Started testing in May and I have 8-10 hours of trying av foiling up until today. When I started I had about 9 minutes of running, because of all the falling. Today I can do 19 minutes of foiling without falling on a good run.

First run in may:

Open Water in august:

Dry landing:

“Ollie” :slight_smile:

I burnt one ESC and one 16000mah (hobbyking) in the early days. everything else holds up. Max speed so far 18 knots. The nobile all-around is tricky to ride but when you learn it you can foil on basically anything :slight_smile:

More details on

Big thank you to the Hiorth-brothers and everyone else that has contributed.


6000€!!! Foil 1200€ board 800€ … Alone … How?


They halved the price, not bad.
But it is still worth to DIY, for the fun but also because it still costs only about a third.


They have killer sharp pricing for sure. Just the main parts alone cost $4000+
Foil $1200
Board $800
Battery $750-$1000
Remote $200-$500
ESC & Waterproof plugs $500+

Takuma did an interview with E-Surfer and the CEO Cyril said they are running on low margins.

Overall its a nice product and they are doing the same as I am with my modular design. I can jet surf, efoil, and all parts unplug and pull out for SUP foiling, Tow or kiting as well. The key is it design a board multi-use with very little effort/time to swap the setup which I can do in under 7 minutes.

Another video:


DIY’ing the board is not fun…its a hot, sticky mess! For sure it can cost quite a bit less than buy a new board, but I welcome some purpose built boards to the market.


I didn’t talk about the board itself, I will just take a kite board. I like tinkering with electronics, also designing and building the remote is fun. The whole build is interesting and fun, but you are right, the board part I would like to skip too. But many others will still have fun making boards.



Looks fun mate, nice skill!


Nice footage. Are you using a follow me quad or is someone else filming/flying? I guess with the name Zippyfpv you are pretty good at flying.
Just sucked it up and bought a Parrot Bebop 2 to do some long range FPV. Pretty cheap at $250. Should get a DJI, but can’t justify the cost. Hope the Bepop lasts longer than my race quads did!


Jake, How wide is your board. Looks really narrow. Looks like its really moving. Your running the dual motor board, right? Nice.


Someone else was flying the drone, it is a DJI Mavic Pro.

I used to have a Bebop, and I’m sad to let you know that they are unreliable, mine randomly dropped out of the sky multiple times :frowning: . If you fly it to fast it cut the motors, but at least you can get it 2km away…I had the old bebop so maybe you got the Bebop 2 which might be more reliable


Hi Mac, Im not running dual motor anymore, Im now using the C80100 direct drive. Ill measure the board up later and let you know how wide it is.


Very nice, watched 3 times. The maneuvers get more exciting, congrats!


Any1 seen this? Cant find a single video online just few google pics. Jet powered.

And few tech info:


Here is my most recent video from this summer. Everything working properly now!


Got the BB2. Heard about the fly aways, but DJI has similar issues sometimes. I’d rather watch $200 fly away then $1000. I will likely crash it before that happens anyhow! I’ve had a few flights already and it seems solid. 25 minutes of flight time is great, and the 2km distance is what I wanted. My first real camera drone, so I’m impressed with the stability and images.
I’ll get some better efoil footage next summer with it.