Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world


Almost everything was purchased in China except the gearbox :wink:


Hi @superlefax, can you please provide the BOM and links for what you have purchased “on a budget” in china? what gearbox did you use?


I will post my setup soon.


MaB on FB public
One week before to broke the gearbox.
32A12s 360kw, 5:1, 148mm prop, 305mm pitch, NRF24I custom remote, Ketos foil wings, squeezed the throttle only on my knees for 2 seconds but board want to take off. Below 80A average 30 to 40A


Foiling without motor :wink:


without motor and yet, the familiar case pops up at 0:40 … nice connectors too…


The case houses the autopilot for the yacht, which would be very interesting to see whats inside!


Most probably this



This is how it’s looking like hitting a steel rope under water:


Ouch! Any damage to board or body?:fearful:


I’d imagine the mast has a bit of a dent in it!


From what ? Holding the thing in the right ?


Ouch! nice riding though!!


Still a lot to tune on my e-foil, but heres a riding video…


Well I hit the rope exactly in the middle of my mast clamp. So the force distribution was almost symmetrical.
It was the holy Neptun itself saved my pod.


Looks really stable. Nice drone footage! Which drone is recording?



Cheers! The drone is a DJI Mavic Pro.


What ESC’s are you running on the dual motor setup? And with what cooling?


Im running dual YEP120a HV ESC’s, they work well enough but I’m planning on upgrading as they get pretty hot.

For cooling I have a 5mm thick steel plate running through the box which dissipates heat to outside the box, the esc’s are mounted to the plate.