Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world


Ha ha it will leapfrog through the air if the jet is out the board and not out the foil.


Speaking of leap frogging, I’m looking forward to seeing someone jump, and successfully land, an efoil.


Haha. I just hope I get to ride mine for 10m straight!


Jumping a heavy board is fun until you don’t anticipate its pull back down! I was towsurfing a lead-weighted tow board once and did a backside air. Going up was great and then the board changed direction and I didn’t anticipate how hard it would pull your legs back down (strapped in)…hello strained groin…queue physio on groin…


I cant deny it would be pretty epic to see a backflip on a efoil!


I remember seeing air chair riders doing crazy flips at Sea World many years ago. Check this video out…insane.


Nice idea to intake water at nose section of foil and spray it out at the end of the board. Will work, tested it once with small tube/pipe but we needed massive power, drawing massive KW…:wink:


I tore a few muscles just watching that video! That must take some serious core strength!





Wow that last video is amazing lots of speed on that set up, looks proper fast


Thanks, it’s based on a Hiorth v1 with a SSS56104 500Kv and 5:1 Neugart. Top speed 22 Knots with a basic 3d printed prop.




They did it!


Good job! Could you explain a little your setup?



I finally made it:


100% well done, good work !


Wow, nice job!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Could you explain the “Ultra low budget” ?