Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world


New video from Ignacio/Virus! He is one of the early pioneers with insane carbon skills.


Hi friends! I hope you like my carbon fiber projects. Thanks Pacificmeister for invitation!


Welcome @virus! Awesome that you are here. Big fan :slight_smile: I was very inspired when I saw your first video early March this year. I am sure many here are familiar with your channel and are following you too. Looking forward discuss stuff here and see more of your mad carbon and precision builds.


Awesome! @virus, I think we ordered the same gearbox that was destroyed, from Singapore? We ordered 2 pieces, added soft start/stop on the second, that one is still going strong :slight_smile: I think soft start/stop is really helping to increase the life-span of our gearboxes.

Did a new Edit with 1080p included some timelapse of building as well, will stop to spam with videos for a while now :wink:


Hi Hiort brothers, good work there, yes, same planetary, my gearbox towards a strange noise in my hand, I ordered an ESC from factory with a very soft power start, my mistake was to work at 16s and finally broken. Now works better but I want to make a perfect carbon fiber propeller, I hate plastic parts, sorry. I can feel proppeller is not perfectly center, vibration can destroy the gearbox.


Tried to attach a gopro beneath the board, just behind the mast foot, too see if I could film the propulsion unit while riding. Did not turn out so good, water droplet on the camera lense and too close I think… Will try to make a custom low drag jig and place the camera just in front of the propeller (below the water surface), too look for cavitation/vibration and similar. Might be a useful tool too check the prop and fuselage design, unless there is too much drag from the camera itself.



i miss SUMMER


New video by Lift Foils

great drone footage


Just a very short edit from riding 10 desember about -2 degrees and some ice on the water. Starting to get cold now… but helps a lot on cooing the batterys/esc :stuck_out_tongue:


Beautiful video. If only it were warmer!


Virus! Your hot coats are amazing. Respect!


hello i can not see batteri case.?
is it homemade or the lift model?
seams powerfull ,what kind of motor and prop design?
thanks for answer


I made ewrithing by myself :sunglasses::smiley:


very good work!!!
it looks very powerfull…what kind of propeller do you use?
what is your front wing size?
thanks and hello from france


New video :smile:


Radinn have announced their version 2 board which has an optional hydrofoil. Looks like it extends the jet intake through the mast.


Looks like they will spray the jet out of the board, thats pretty interesting. Might look a bit weird(or cool) with a huge fire hose spray out of the board once on the foil.


Yea, it looks pretty interesting, I’d imagine there would be quite a lot of drag on the mast with the size it would have to be for the jet intake.


The section on the video looks too small.


That music is aweful.