Very slow build from France


ok i will try on 12s but i might be too fast… or not efficient


Higher voltage and lower current should make it more efficient as electric components will heat less. Both the gear and motor are designed to run fast so they should handle it perfectly.


Where did you get this heatsink?



Have you found that it dissipates enough heat without watercooling?


max temp recorded by the esc hefei 8s was 45°C so no problem , i keep the same set up with the new 300A 15S, try that this afternoon
watercooling is not needed for the moment


15S…The prop is going to spin off :wink:
Try just 12S as well if you can.


Esc burned in 10s …



That’s an expensive burn!!! I’m going to put overheat protection on the one I have!
Sorry to see that is burnt. Were you riding for a while?


Not even riding last 10s in the water


Put the board on the water , selected 60% on the remonte , started slowly to move , esc bip and cut off , that was the temp control , swim back , open the box , esc was smoking


So sorry about that! What specific ESC was that? Try to return it…
I think a good ESC with effective current and temp control is vital, no RC ESCs but ones meant for bikes, skates etc.


I will ask Bruno about waranty , current control set on high , this was the fulcrum 300a


Oh, ok, so definitely not cheap. But sadly RC ESCs massively exaggerate their specs. Still not acceptable it burned that fast. Have you considered a good VESC 6? In those the current and temp limitation actually works and is able to save the device.


I use the same brand but 8s with no problem for 30h
I was happy with hifei i don’t what happened …


Definitely a fault I think. Unless there was some strange setting that wasn’t right.


mhmm thats a misery with your esc. looks like a quality esc, any parts in there that could have caused a short or do you think it was the longtermheat?


RIP fulcrum pro+ 300A v2 :cry:

i don’t much about esc, but it looks well made… 6x4 fets, 6 burned at 1/3 throttle in 10sec
esc was tested , logged off load with no problem, programmed the same way as my 8s swordfishX
no short cut
circuit breaker not triggered
esc is still working off load
no acces to the log file because it didn’t not recorded long enough, but it is there!

Bruno from alien offered me a repair, so i will send it back just to see what he can do and think about it…

i think @Johannes, bought the same

so what next: i stay on 8s or go for:

  • seaking 130a hv: up for the job on a 40mm?
  • mgm: nice but price? and no much settings
  • yge 165hv: log, easy to cool, price?
  • castle creation pheonix hv (hydra was better with the throttle curve mode but it is not made any more)


Did you consider a VESC 6 or Freefly Arc200? I’ll probably try the Arc200, the specs seem believable, with some heatsinking or watercooling it should deliver high currents. I think an ESC made for human transportation is important, in the end you save money although they cost more because they don’t blow up.