Very slow build from France


Alexandre, You may have heard of that sealant ?


interesting thank you!


Did you find time to test it?


not yet, still working on the board, i take my time, the water is a bit cold still in Lyon


I understand… I’m from switzerland (french parts) and the lake is effectively cold :wink:


Last thing missing for saturday test, 4 degree correction for mast and for the câbles as well

I know it is ugly… But it is there for the test , made with 1,5 mm alloy plate

next year it will be more like this :wink:


That looks slick and great idea to get the ESC cooling directly from the mast and mast plate. And would the whole mast/ESC box unit be removable from the board? Only then have to worry about power/PWM connection to the ESC.


pic from the fliteboard , great idea!


hej. Could you give me the link where you bought the motor and gearbox.
Also do you think this this gearbox:

Would fit with this engine and have enough Power:


This motor is appears to be an outrunner, those are harder to cool than inrunners.


the first link is the gearbox i have : chief 6:1 4p

the second link: this motor is not powerfull enough and spin x10 too fast , it is 6000kv you need more like 600kv on 12s and 800kv on 8S

i have a tp power 4070 V1 with 780kv running on 8S

or one of those:

i m testing this step up tomorrow …



Everything went well , play around 40min , getting better but it is very hard to stand up 100l board … Need more training , stop at 3,89v on 32a 8s …

Try post the video


Oups… Missing some thing


Thx for the tips.

I will order the TP4070-V1 6Y with 780kv with the MOTOR-CHIEF 6:1 4P gearbox.
But probably will run em on 12S batteries.

I just saw your pictures it looks awesome. Do you have any estimate how fast it goes with 8S batteries?
Btw what happened with the propeller? :slight_smile:


not fast enough but i have to analyze the log from the esc, i was spinning around 2800 rpm on load instead off 4300 i had a lot off water in the pod , i played around 1H before losing the propeller , i would say it feel like around 20km/h but i had a hard time to stay out of the water, the board is too small or i am too heavy i guess

i will put down the number i got from the esc but there is something wrong because i pull 180a max (on a 125A motor) and average 100A recording, but for the battery it is 22A for more than 1 hour off messing around, never was standing up


and the funny one, time to change place :slightly_smiling_face:


Bravo Alexandre, super !!!


It’s definitely fast enough to foil! The issue you are having is because you are on your knees. When a lot of people learn to surf they try to get to their knee’s before they stand, this leads to a massive amount of instability and makes it harder. It’s much easier to go from lying down to your feet as fast as possible. Once on your feet you have a much faster reaction time and will stabilise the board better…
Sorry that you lost the prop!


@philgib: merci !

@Jezza: yes i know but i didn’t want to hurt myself the first time, i know wakeboarding, flyboarding but not surfing…

so things that went well:

  • the suitcase works very well no water
  • just finished to charge my battery a 32A 8S made off 4 4S 16A multistar, 25A for 1H on playing, got bearly warm
  • passive cooling on esc went well , not more the 45°C

things to work on:

  • esc datalogging not accurate, put a wattmeter next time to check
  • water in the pod when? and how?
  • propeller lost , because i didn’t stop when i was to high and the propeller went off the water about 5 times, the shaft (glue) unscrew when the propeller hit back the water, lost shaft bearing…
  • water in the mast
  • board may be too small to learn, 98L with 130KG (all included)
  • the only thing that got warm/hot was the 200A circuit breaker , why ?
  • got attacked by a big swan…