Very slow build from France


just thinking how to wire my 3 cases, last year i used 10awg wire with high amp and no problem, i might use 8awg this year, i found this nice video


thank you , not that expensive i will try it i thinké


Carbon is very conductive and I would not use it for a battery box. I have been looking at thermoforming 3mm Kydex for a battery enclosure. It’s super strong (strong enough to stand on) and not too expensive. You can also bond it really well if you need to.

I think Riwi was suggesting carbon for the bottom of the board though just to reinforce it.


Although carbon will make the construction stronger, there is nothing stopping you from using Lantor with fiberglass.


I will be using carbon and lantor Soric for my lid. The battery is protected by petg, rubber and shrink tubing.


Hi Alexandre. Im very impressed with you build, and Will be following it closely, for ideas to my own build.

Are you using a special High speed rotary lip seal?

You put the thrust bearing outside the seal, is it stainless steel? Or are you only surfing in fresh water? Or do you plan to replace in often, whenever it gets rusty?


thank you,

no special high speed lip seal, classic good quality for 3000rpm (not much…)
yes only fresh water with stainless steel thrust bearing outside (just surface rust on the shaft)
water inside the pod, not all the time, but it was coming from the wires and i didn’t use any o-ring just tape, so the motor get rusty in 3 days if not taken apart and clean
but still this prototype lasted long enough +40hours and it is still working

with the new design (o-rings) , silicone filled around motor plugs… i want to keep the water out…


working on the battery … Still missing the 18650 (money money …)

Or a power wall :smile:


New motor from tfl (56.00mm) , propeller shaft @Flying_Rodeo, watercooling …
Need to trim motor shaft to 5mm


Nice, I found the Reissener get quite a bit hotter than my torqeedo gear. You going to put a heatsink on it?


Yes , get some Heat from the motor too
I was thinking ( same as my first built but bigger)
Aluminium tape 38mmt to 40mm or copper
Tubing 20mm long
40 to 45mm
45 to 55mm
Then cooper or aluminium 0.8mm rolled
And another Longer with the motor 56 to 57mm


Just a big mess and almost miss the 5.0mm but i did it , got the motor shaft from 10 to 5mm to fit the gearbox pinion


Unit for 2019

Tubing is 60x260mm

It can be shorter but i leave room for plugs and wires


Have you tested a battery with the NESE modules? I was thinking of making battery with these but concerned about current draw.


Just received this week a big package from nkon :smile:

My main concern with the battery built was continious max amp draw

I wanted to use full cooper , N.E.S.E are well designed , not worried about amp draw , this built with 24 modules could support 400A , but it is mainly depending on cells temp : Max around 70c… So 30q or vtc6

Test in a few days


What BMS are you using?


No BMS will be used, the battery is split in to 4 x 6S 24A, charged and balanced with lipo chargers (lithium ion mode 4,1v), discharge protection by the vesc with current control


Ohh, OK. Is it the Trampa VESC PLUS 6 you use?


Waiting for @Trampa answer me , but i want to use the 75/300


@Alexandre, dont forget to use extra protectors on your cells:
When inserting, get them in on an angle, positive first, negative to bare tab without compression foam.
Build is looking awesome btw!
@g.gregory8 Modules were tested over 200A discharge. Currently there is no cell to cap NESE modules @ 6P: