Very slow build from France


That makes two of us lol… I’ll look into it!


No turning back i guess …


Yes ! Flush to top , even some room left … Under 100mm!


Very Nice to follow you efoil project evolving over time! I just starter my selv collecting parts for my first efoil, boughy the SSS 500kv, a 5:1 neugart gear and a LF rocker foil. Classic pacificmeister build.

Im interested in you choice of board? How many Liters is it the compared to your body weight, if I May ask? I weight 95kg myself, so looking for a board around 120-140L and minimum 70cm wide, Maybe even 80cm wide.


Done !


thank you @guldsteen, this is a old used k-race around 180x69x10, probably 70 liters

last year i learned on a 110l paddle board, long 240cm (it helped a lot ), i was 97kg, it took me a long time and it was pretty hard, but once you know how do it the board size doesn’t really "matter " , this year i wanted a board that was easy to carry around .

the good thing this year, is that i am 80kg , so will see in a couple of month :slight_smile:


@Alexandre which cases are those?
it seems impossible to find cheap, compact and waterproof case in Europe


max004 case from max cases.


How are you planning on reinforcing the board for the foil?


yes two max grip004 for the battery made with n.e.s.e modules (i will make a review on it) 2x 12s8P 30Q
one max grip 003 over the mast for the esc : trampa 300A/75v ( i will a make review on it )

for the reinforcing, i am not really sure yet: i will dig some holes in the side of the board to put a frame (wood)
another wood frame the shape of the big hole, press fit it like a insert ( fiber epoxy…) and screw it to the side frame i guess


hm you could actually fit 12s16p in one max 004 box! and you will still have space for thinner bms on side or on top of battery. I even took 18,3mm for battery width. configuration:


Yes and no , i tested with cells , the edges of the box is curved for me to tight to fit 12s 16p , other way around with 1mm between cells in Z configuration 12s12p no problem
30q cells : 18,40-18,45


No you cant. Once you start hot-gluing the cells together you quickly find that realistically you can only get 11S into it width ways. I even tried to add the extra 1S on the end but it became a PIA so bought another box.
The best method for a battery box would be to build the pack, then measure it, then CNC a sold piece of plastic for the walls and screw on a bottom and top. Exactly like Fliteboard have done.


what if you put some foam or something on bottom, to lift up battery over those edges? that couldn’t work?
@Jezza I did more than few batteries, and it is possible to glue them in a way that glue won’t affect distance between batteries.
EDIT - but you are right, it would be best to make custom plastic case for specific battery. But price-wise, I think it would be much more expensive than this case.
I will have to get this box and try few configurations. with 1 mm vertical space between each battery in one row (like @Alexandre says) , it should be possible to fit 12s15p.


I am on it from a couple of weeks …
Classic way : 14s10p
Z +1mm : 12s14p

But i wanted to keep my 6s chargers (tight budget) so with 4 bus bar not enough room that why i choose 2 cases for the moment


I laid the batteries out without any glue first and using a foam pad. They still would not fit. Many people forget that the 18650 is 18mm without the heatshrink on. Once it has the shrink wrap, it adds extra space which then means you can only do 11S in the case.
There are other ways to do the case without a plastic block and CNC. You could 3D print and coat it. Or bond PVC together for the walls. A custom case would definitely be the best option I think.


Hi! If you don’t want to put foam in the bottom of the board look at Lantor Soric XF or LRC. I’m going to use try and use it with carbon fiber to make the hatch for my boards compartment.

Check out the strength of these plates:


It is conductrive no ? I was told than carbone for battery box is a bad idea and for the esc it cuts the signal …
Poron foam is well rated


Sounds more like aluminium. I guess carbon can be conductive but I don’t see it as a problem at our voltages.

Lantor does not require carbon. It can be used with regular glass fiber as well.


Carbon i would not use for a battery or electronics box. It is rather highly conductive, and if you make a short circuit it will burn. I avoid it completely after i used it as a frame to hold my batteries and had a very very strange short circuit, which made it burn. Fortunately i could interrupt the SC in time and extinguished it by some wet cloth.