Very slow build from France


new design parts in sls for 2019
for 57mm tubing
including gap for o-rings
square mount for the gearbox, no more screw
thrust bearing still outside but flush to the propeller…
2 seals for the shaft
keep the same front mast clamping to save money


you know you can not put the screws into the gearbox, from the other side
so what would keep the gearbox that he would not push in


Is that @flying_rodeo prop ?


Yes it is! :hugs::surfing_man:‍♂:blush::muscle::dash::ocean:


nice :wink:
there will be no axial force on the shaft, no push on the gearbox:

  • thrust bearing outside between tubing mount and propeller
  • propeller pin groove is flush to the bottom and deeper than the diameter
  • the propeller is pushing on the thrust bearing not on the pin
  • the propeller is “loose” from the shaft
  • bolt on the shaft after the propeller

so 1mm play forward and backward for the gearbox, and a bolt on a rear prop so it won’t came off the pin when slowing down


@flying_rodeo, a piece of art, really !

@Alexandre, is the copper piece between the chief and the chief shaft screwed to the Reisenauer ? What is it for please ?


2 of these :
Screwed and glued on the shaft , one for the seals one to center the thrust bearing

Just to smooth the shaft to 12mm and to keep the end with m10x100