Towing with Fliteboard e-foil board

What’s up guys.

I got to ride my friend Scott’s Fliteboard again. This time we did some towing. I’d say it tows as well as my DIY board (14s battery FR motor).

Now we need to do some tow in surfing!



Awesome !
How does it feel compared to your FR direct drive ?

Also, what ESC are you using for 14S ?

Which version of Fliteboard was it?

Just adapted the title name with “fliteboard” instead of “flightboard”, just to be sure we can find the thread back later :slight_smile:

Descibed in his thread, it’s an original 75/300 swimming in corrosion X.

I immediately see the big difference in sound. The fliteboard is way louder.

Have you guys seen the last video of David from Flite ? He explained what they used in his foil. 56mm motor with Neugart ratio 4. Of course he does not give the brand Neugart but he said the torque was quadrupled, which means ratio of 4.

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Looking forward to seeing this. In addition to the ability to meet the requirements of an efoil rental centre, any reliable brand should make towing a selling point.

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Was it ever determined if the FR motor is identical to what Lift sells with their boards?

I’ve seen a few people say the FR motor is extremely quiet and fast and I’m wondering if the same is true of Lift’s motor.

FR makes most of the lift components now. That’s how they got him out the market. Best way to get rid of your top competitor, busy them up with building yours…

The FR motor and props are exactly the same as the Lift motor and props.


I’m impartial to my build obviously. I like how quiet the FR drive unit it. The Fliteboard is super loud!

Yes. 75/300 VESC.


I didn’t know there were different versions

Nice, I ordered the Lift (version 2) with the folding prop so hopefully it lives up to the hype!

Now I’m just trying to find comparisons between the standard and High Aspect wings. I got the classic 200 but may upgrade to a High Aspect wing if there’s a significant improvement in battery life / range.

High aspect all day long! They are faster and more stable because of the width.

I’d pick the Lift board over the Fliteboard if I had to choose.

But, DIY is the way to go!


I hear Slingshot is coming out with a high aspect wing. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m impressed with the Infinity wings, but I think high aspect is the direction it’s trending towards.