The Surffic / Cimi Sports / Tiki Factory thread - Info for the DiYer

Thanks for your reply.

To maintain costs low, they have probably used glass fibre only. Is you hatch waterproof ?

Did you eventually find a way to adapt a new plane to your CIMI mast ? Would you post some picts ?

A new US company is selling 11,000usd the white branded CIMI sports efoil :

MSLR Electric E-Foil is designed and built by passionate surfers and water enthusiasts

I’d be surprised if they sell any for $11k. Lift and Flite at least have a reputation to back up their asking price.

Another company selling this board for roughly half the price of MSLR

Kind of funny how MSLR tries to make it sound like they’re the manufacturer of the board. I wonder if they’ve managed to trick any suckers into buying one for $11,000.

Hows the board working out? Can you share the link where you bought it?

Another one =>

Hey guys first of all love this forum so many great ideas and innovation coming from here. I want to introduce myself I’m Carey Missler from MSLR Electric E-Foils. I started Foiling around 5 years ago and absolutely fell in the love with the sport which led me to purchasing one board to another board to another and another lol then the progression led to us starting our own E-Foil company with my childhood best friend Taylor Coulthard. We also have most of our tight group family and friends working with us now. You are correct about the above comments with Glide Foil and Surffic and Cimi. They originally started working with Cimi ordering a few boards here and there over this last year. Our first prototype arrived in early 2019. We tested it rigorously and thought it was a great product. We then worked exclusively with the factory to upgrade the components in our MSLR Electric e-foils. This brought our costs up but we are committed to offering a premium 3k carbon e-foil that we stand behind. Our latest designs well be coming out very soon with more upgrades. Up until recently we partnered with Cimi exclusively for business and manufacturing. Moving forward we are releasing our new boards coming out in the next few months with updated technology, different specs and designs and wing sizes which were hoping you will be very stoked with. Also we will be getting our price point down to $9975 for an amazing full warrantied carbon set up that we feel is honestly awesome. We will be the sole company moving forward with Cimis together for years to come. We are based in British Columbia Canada Eh and will be engineering from Canada with our team. We feel very blessed to be a part of this community and also to have our Business doing what we love. Thanks for your time guys and if you want to connect feel free to reach out anytime

May I ask how much did they charge you for the import tax and the shipping to France ?
Shipping to the US is 800usd.

From the Flitefoil unboxing and assembling video, detail of the motor phase connectors with outside double O-rings connecting to the ESC. Wondering where those connectors come from :thinking:
200720 CIMI Mast connectors
200720 CIMI ESC connectors

Detail of the CIMI mast plate:
200720 CIMI Mast plate

Shipping board [(800+import taxe) + VAT]
Shipping battery The battery shipment is separate for product safety issues (dangerous product)

I bought from a French reseller, 6500€


@Jakos How is it holding up after all these months? How many charge cycles have you been through?

It holds up pretty well. I did about 20 charge cycles

Hi Can you provide the contact for them

Hi. this is a link to the product page on Alibaba. Did you get some more reviews regarding the product? are you getting one?

It seems they have removed the page. Does anyone have any contact for them?