The Student Build - Beginner/Small Budget - Inputs Encouraged


Hello everyone,

This is my first official post on this forum and I have to say that this community is great. I am really excited to be working on my first efoil project. After hesitating quite a bit due to budget restrictions, I ended saying what the hell and going for it.

To give you a little bit of background about me, I am 21 years old currently studying at Florida International University (why the budget concerns) and I am also a sprint kayak athlete. I’m originally from Quebec, Canada so I speak French as well and I had no prior knowledge or experience with building RC stuff etc. So, this is all somewhat new to me and I will need some input from the community.

Now let’s dig into what I have in mind for this build. So, I bought a brand new Cabrinha VMG carbon race board from a local seller on Ebay. It came with straps, and fins and everything was brand new. I paid 220$ for it which I thought was an awesome deal considering that I’m currently trying to sell the straps and fins and hope to get somewhere around 100$ back from that. I also bought a demo liquid force rocket foil from kite paddle surf which is in great condition for 320$ with shipping. Pro tip: If you are on a budget, I recommend to do extensive online research. There are a lot of great opportunities out there. Furthermore, you should contact big online sellers by email and ask them about their used inventory. Sites like ,,, and are all good shopping sources.

Now onto more specific efoil components, I almost got carried away there. So, I’m planning on doing a direct drive direct cooling set up. The 80100 APS 80kv and 130kv are both in my cart, but I can’t decide which one (Help me out if you can). I will waterproof the motor using mat’s technique outlined in this google doc I made from his instructions. The mast clamp files were also provided by Mat as he designed it for his build. I will be printing it in ASA on a MakerBot replicator 2x. The ESC will have a high amp capacity (300a-400a) since I do not plan on water-cooling it. If you have a spare ESC or a slightly used one you don’t use and that has between 300a and 400a capacity, let me know as I might be interested in buying it from you.

As for the battery pack, I figured I would keep it simple and buy lipo batteries. I am currently looking at either 2x6s 22ah lipo batteries in series or 4x6s 16ah lipo batteries (2 in series and 2 in parallel). However, I am also interested in building my own 18650 battery pack. I do not have any prior experience spot welding and building battery pack so I am a little bit hesitant about going through with it. Let me know if you have a simple way of building a battery pack.

I will mount the foil on a high density track box that will be layered in my board. If you guys know a cheaper and more reliable way of installing a foil mount underneath a race board please let me know. I’m also planning on making a custom waterproof compartment into my board that will hold the batteries, the esc etc. As per the remote, I was planning on waterproofing the electronics inside using clear nail polish and CorrosionX.

The only thing I bought so far is the board and the foil, therefore I am encouraging you to leave your ideas in the comment as I am looking to get more inputs on my build. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment and I will get back to you.


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Looking good! The board looks really nice.


There is another one for sale here :

Very low volume though (82l)


This is the one I bought actually haha! It was a Miami pick up only which worked out great for me!!


Thanks!! Hopefully it can fly haha


How much do you weigh ?


Im at 170lbs! It doesnt float enough to be a sup by itself… I tried it :joy: with some speed though, it will be fine! This board has a bit more volume than the one pacficmeister used!