The Max Maker Build


I got way more than 2kw out of it. I think I was pushing it at around 4kw. But it burnt up in about 3 minutes. Not sure how it would have handled with proper cooling. It’s not the right motor for the job though.


Sorry my bad !
But I thought Bruno told you something like they tried it for x minutes at x Power input ?


Yes he said they tested it for 30min at the stated current and voltage from the website.


Hi Max, what happened with your project?


Max, I also watched all your build videos, I also was wondering how you were making out on the project.

Virus, yours were some of the first videos I watched. PM, You, V-foil, and Lift got me started. Thanks guys.


Hey guys. Will do engine testing asap. I moved amd had a lot of other projects to do in the meantime.