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You really have been through the wars!! An impact vest is a non-negotiable in my opinion. They make such a difference when you fall!


Does your impact veste keep you from drowning if unconscious?
Some are rated 50N
I am looking for 100N


I have a dakine impact vest. Use it for wakeboarding, skiing, tow-surfing. It’s amazing.


Dont be too sure, that you will fulfill the law by a jet versus a propeller driven surfboat. I found this:

Remote-controlled Vessels and Propeller-driven Surfboards

1006 No person shall

  • (a) tow themselves using a vessel that is operated by remote control; or
  • (b) operate a propeller-driven surfboard-type vessel.

Prohibition Against Careless Operation

1007 No person shall operate a vessel in a careless manner, without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons.
It also could mean, that no surfboards or Efoils or whatever are allowed due to the risk of loosing control and the resulting risks for other persons.
Are you sure, that an impeller is not a propeller? And what is the difference in risk between a well ducted and hidden prop compared to a jet? Bans and laws can be changed, sometimes very quick. So if it turns out by any accident, that there is a high risk to be injured from a jet driven board which is out of control, the law can be changed. I personally think, the highest risk is the foil itself. On a surfboard the highest risk comes from the fin(s). Fins and foils are like swords, especially the trailing edge and the ends. I once dropped a mylar sail on a upward down laying surfboard and the fin cut it directly with ease.


Well I did talk to them specifically about my jet foil board and jet surfboards are allowed but surfboard with propellers are not.

My point is that everyone must be aware of the rules in their areas, Canada is very strict when it comes to safety and the two regulations you stated above make perfect sense why they would not be more dangerous and are not allowed. I didnt make the rule, just sharing it.

I totally agree the foil wings can be deadly, I have fallen into them a couple times while learning and if it was not for my wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet my bruises could have been much worse as accidents happen.


Yes, but if you can show, that you do not violate the consecuting rule, which gathers the sense and reason for the detailed rules above, you can become legal.


There are three regulations there PowerGlider each their own for safety reasons. If you want to change Transports Canada’s vessel reg’s go for it but as they stand now having gone over this specifically with them its a no go with propeller (impellers are not classes a propeller under their reg’s and free to be used within a jet drive).


I assume Canada would require the motorized surf board to be registered.
From what I found anything that floats powered by a motor in NY requires a registration. In order to get a registration I need a Hull ID. It appears you can get a hull ID by applying and saying it is a homemade boat.
Anybody no more about what the law is?


Yes we have very similar laws to USA, Germany, and many others in that regard. They all need hull identification numbers


Chris, do we have to register our boards in the USA? Does Lift?


Regulation aspects are a vast subject. The eFoil riding regulations/laws thread needs some update :wink:


Yes, and yes. Lift and other efoil/jet surfboards must supply the HIN number on each board, its up to you to register it.


The interesting part of both propellers is that they are made of steel … the one in which the inventor puts his arm in in the video and the AEGIS one made by Turning Point the manufacturer.


Back to the LIFT topic, nice picts taken by @Carpi in Nov 2018.

Still according to @Carpi , the LIFT motor is “Direct Drive” = connected directly to the prop…


Flying Rodeo has also gone direct drive now. I know he has a lift foil as well and I also know that Lift has been testing his motors. I wonder if there is some collaboration or whether its just competitors testing each others products…


2019 LIFT range of products, very informative… 60cm mast, 110 race front wing (50kmph), 132cm (4’4") board, folding prop, …

Credit and written summary :


It looks like the lift motor is in the region of 65mm x 140mm. I have’t got exact measurements, but that is my guesstimate based on measurements of images. I think that would be good starting point for a custom inrunner.


The first revision of the Lift folding propeller is sold … 1000 USD according to Lift Instagram account :scream:

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Hi All,

I was wondering does anyone know what KV Lift efoils are running? 80KV or 100KV?