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Has anyone successfully added a cooling ring to the @Hiorth build using a neugart ple40 instead of a parker gearbox. The concern is that there is a only very small area that would come into contact with the aluminium tube that is covered by water, and if heat was transferred directly to the PLA part it would become soft and cause leak issues.


Aluminium is such a good heat conductor that I think heat will just travel up the tube to dissipate. I dont like either one personally. I think Im going to build the back assembly from aluminium to really get the most passive cooling possible. The gearbox temperature worries me!


I’ve used the small red ones before. Definitely not as easy to use as the video makes it look. Often you cant spin the cable like he is in the video. But maybe with practice. I dont like them enough to use one on a 8AWG silicone cable.


hi @Hiorth,
when you changed your parker gearbox for a neugart, was that with your V1design?
If so, did you still use the cooling ring and was there any issues?


@rogjalon No we changed it to an “new” parker gearbox. With the same cooling tabs. It worked fine until a month ago then it broke down. :frowning:

the 2 parker gearboxes we have used. Have all been bought well used from shanghai for very cheap.
is the motor to gearbox-motor mount made from PLA as well?


@rogjalon @Hiorth This is the aluminium gearbox-motor mount (right) I made for rogalon. (posted today)

I also made the cooling ring (left) when rogalon & I discussed it we found that the cooling ring I made would not fit his hybrid design & may transfer heat to the printed parts. I think the aluminium motor gearbox mount will be sufficient by itself ? what is your opinion Hiorth Brothers ? or anyone else please give advice.

Cheers, Alex



Hei - is this your 4 blade 140mm version that you put on grabcad?

Ha de’


its slightly different, with lower AoA on the duct profile.


Thank you very much.
i have the same Problem



Could you explain the difference between 56104 and your TP ? Do you use the same gearbox with the 2 motors ? So what is the best ? What is the exact TP reference ?

Sorry for all the questions.



the TP motor has slightly larger Outer diameter (58mm vs 56mm), but the extra diameter seems to only be additional cooling ribs, which in our case (as we are relying on water cooling) is bad. The rotor Diameter seems to be the same. Motor length is slightly shorter on the TP.

Overall I would choose 56104 500KV over TPP 440KV, as the price is much lower and the performance about the same.

TPP 5840 V1 can there was some mixup from the supplier so we got a can that was longer than what we wanted (about the same length as 56104 maybe a couple of mm shorter).

We used parker with the 56104 and Neugart with TPP 440, Parker stripped, neugart still holds up.


Hello Hiorth
tell you about a stripped Parker, you can explain, thanks


Parker gearbox is rated for lower rpm and torque compared to neugart due to smaller teeth on gears (probably lower backlash, but for us that is not important).


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Interesting. Might be a low-temperature solder given how quickly it melted with a heat gun. That would worry me if the joint heated up.


Only for low temp stuff(signal cables etc):slight_smile: not power cables


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