The German Fehmarn Build

Hello everybody,
in September 2019 I stumbled across PacificMeister`s efoil video. It got a hold of me rather fast …
After reading the forum for weeks, the first step was taken on November 1st. I cut the blank out of an EPS block using a hot cutter.


It should be an angular design, relatively thick and actually 160x60x16cm. However, when I saw this huge chunk, I sawed off another 20cm for a short time … Now my baby has become 140x60x15cm

My first attempt to build the stringers out of aluminum was rejected. It was too heavy and not effective.!

Then I tried it with 5mm wide wooden strips. That worked very well. After the raw form was finished, I put aluminum tubes through the EPS so that I don’t crush the foam when assembling the mast. The mast plate is supported on the stringers.(upload://yF04gLFpBqGRQ4L56Cvw2CdQoGP.jpeg)

Then everything was packed in carbon and glass and built in a vacuum. Not so easy, because I used sewn carbon. Has not become perfect, but it will work.
Then there were many hours of work with sanding and filling …

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At the same time, I received many packages from China, England, Slovenia and Germany …
I selected the Flying Rodeo drive and the Vesc 75/300. The mast fits perfectly on the board, the Vesc comes with a 200A fuse in a waterproof aluminum box. Among them is a self-made water cooler and a separate water pump.

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The battery will come from China. I plan to take a 14S40Ah battery from Eleart. Finished in a waterproof box, IP 65 …, approx. 10kg and also quite large. That’s why I planned such a thick board

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This evening I applied the first varnish, here the first picture with color on it …
So far so good. From now on it will be a bit more difficult for me because I have no idea about ESC, model making and electronics.
I trust in this forum so I can get my baby flying in 2020


So far my current construction status. I look forward to your comments and advices.
I wish everyone a wonderful 2020 with a lot of time flying on the water…


Wow. Excellent work! I wish I had the knowledge you have with glassing and vacuum bagging. My board will be my first attempt.

Your board size is very similar to what I plan. I laughed when you saw the huge chunk of foam, you changed your design and cut it down some more! :rofl: I’m sure this will happen to me too.

I plan 150x71x15cm. But, looking at your board I think my design might look funny! :sob:

I worry that the position of your mast and battery is about 15cm too far forward. Causing riding position to be too far forward. I plan to position my mast and (coresponding battery) farther back.

Also, how will you waterproof the hole where the wire come up from the mast?

Thank you for posting your build! Great progress!


It was my first Board without any knoledge… But with so much fun…
So much time, but so much fun :grinning:

Wow! Excellent work! Did you make your own vacuum pump, or buy one?

The position of the mast is calculated out of the forum. My battery is heavy, so I hope it’s okay.
I do not plan to separate the mast from the board for transportation. So I will seal the mast with permanently elastic mass. Butyl is used when e.g. a fender is screwed to a car. That seals perfectly. I bought the used vacuum pump on ebay. € 50 was a very good investment …