The EasyGoat eFoil from CabraTec thread - Info for the DiYer

Hi all,

I recieved in a PM a request for some more info about the easy goat from Cabratec.
For maintenance in winter time i just did lipo storage as described in the video, batteries look ok.
We did use this Efoil about 4 times then gearbox broke again.
As the gearbox broke for the second time i sended the mast (Tbar) to CZ for repair.
They know what the problem is and will fix this for good.

The ESC i had broken last year, i could not find a reason for that, i now made a small medical waterpump inside the board, so it does not get overheated again,:
The new ESC at Cabratec was about 350euro ( if i remember correct).
until now the peristaltic pump works 100% temp of ESC is about 25 degrees Celsius.
Looks like ESC is this one:

Last year we had just bad luck: the Cabratec remote broke down (prototype), gear broke down and ESC broke down, so when this start of season after 4 sessions gear broke again, we decided to buy a second e-foil, to be shore we can ride every weekend :slight_smile:

For 3 weeks we bought a Liftfoil :

I tried to upload some pictures, to bad my internet explorer crashes on upload

rgds Obbe

Used google chrome, upload worked :slight_smile:


Thanks Obbe for this interesting and very documented report.
It seems that you’ve met all the issues that Diyers are facing.
It does take time for a manufacturer to offer a solution that is trouble free. I don’t see how the Chinese efoils could escape to this rule: buyers will need to do the maintenance as products can’t be sent back to Asia… That is how reputations are made. Then there is the price tag and I am sorry that you had to spend such an amount of money to be able to enjoy efoiling during weekends. When passion is there…
A friend of mine has just rediscovered windsurfing… on a foil. A 2002 windsurf board with reinforced tuttle box plus a 10 year old sail that both cost 50USD plus a 500USD Neil Pryde foil and he is having a blast.

Don’t hesitate to write a feedback about your new toy in the dedicated post :wink: L… efoil thread: info for DiYers especially if you have technical info as you gave us in your previous post :ok_hand::+1:

Writing this post up, I have just realised how difficult it will be in 2019 and 2020 for a brand to be present in a efoil rental. A rental can’t afford to face all the issues you met in the past months during the first day of use. So the presence of efoil brands in different rentals is today and for a long time the best possible marker for a efoil brand reliability. Therefore the technical choices of these particular efoil brands must be observed carefully by DiYers.

Thanks to Obbe for review. I would just add one detail. The board he has is our prototype sold out of any batch in middle 2018 as “unfinished board that we can maintain and finish during the winter, are you sure you want it?” and was never supposed to leave our warehouse. That was the deal and that is what it is, now from 50% replaced. Also in 2018 it was the only option to buy Efoil unless you payed 50% Liftfoil in 2017.
The Obbe’s gearbox did not break, just disconnect. All early 2018 boards required to check the water tubes are not twisted after assembly by blowing them. (manual chapter: Blowjob) Remote control was a pain for long time. None of this is issue today.

the ESC is modified 300A Swordfish as noted (standard Soft start is still too sharp for Efoil, but is great regulator with heat gain about 15 degrees, when water coled! No pump is needed. Alu plate is also enough for it if you bring it back to water every while. You might have seen it here on another prototype:

It may look like EasyGoat was released too soon and is true we came across various troubles last year. But was not. We would never find the weak points without giving it to people(not Diyers and engineers, but surfers, doctors) EasyGoat would never be where it is now. And I still believe it was a fair price as today is.
Last 6 months there was working one person JD as a full time job on single part… remote control and the result is that non-surfing people can now foil in few minutes. Let me share our latest video from a week ago.

Thanks to SoEFoil for good point with Chinese companies. There are dozens of webs in China and Europe, all full of grate designs and 3D renders. Mostly no videos, no boards sold and no warranty.
This is one of the reasons why we are selling in Europe more than anyone else. Even the big players had issues like: Broken Lift Efoil Important is you have where to go if you have any trouble and next year the year after. I personally live in the warehouse in Pilsen, where we manufacture the Goats so anyone can come for the spare part or maintenance. And Yes there is new price. We want to keep the project sustainable. We want to see the rental and freestyle version and many many people foiling because it is a very special feeling.

Please keep with your suggestions you are a part of the development.
Regards Mira


Hi Obbe, I have a problem with EasyGoat the propeller doesn’t rotate properly in water. How do I recognize if it is a gearbox problem? How can I fix it?

It is like with a car wheel .
Does your prop rotate freely by hand ?
If yes: might be a software or connection or configuration issue
If not:
When you feel the snag/blocking point.
1- put a mark on the stator aligned with a mark on a blade when snag occurs
2 - If the snag comes back with an identical period (N:1 reduction means at least 2xN turns) it could be a pinion issue.
3- random snag period could mean a faulty bearing

ELSE : try the accelerometer in your smatphone to sptot the spikes = micro snag
fixed rpm x time = rotation position = faulty tooth

Hi Sumache

Here a short video :slight_smile:

How to fix i dont know, i sended it to Cabratec they fixed it.


looks like disconnected gear… Is that the remote in the video the one of cabratec? or DIY?

The remote on the video is the old one,
They sended the new remote when they repaired the gear :slight_smile:

thank you mine does move, nut has no power

mine behaves like this:

This is due to the disconnection of one of the wires that goes from controller to motor
It happened to me once

You have the same EasyGoat?

No , but that’s how the motor responds when one of the wires is not well connected

Thank you. You were right.