The Dutch build


Hi fellow builders,
Hereby a little update:
I bought 2 other props; 7 7/8 x 7.5 honda 5hp prop

One lathed down to ±140mm

I still have the 7.25x5, I just lathed the hole to 12mm to fit on my new shaft.

I will still use my reisenauer 6:1
I will use my new Typhoon HET 700-98-670

Saturday I will test the 3 different props with different motortiming and measure the thrust and amperage. Hopefully make another run when everything looks safe :slight_smile:


btw, the motors could be bought rediculour cheap at

only 80dollar


Hi Thijs :slight_smile:

When reading about your motor specs, the shaft seems to be 8mm
But then you have a 6:1 Reisenauer…

So I guess you lathed down the motor shaft to 5 mm ?

Thank you


HI Phil, yes, Please see my reaction in this topic, how I lathed it down. Just took me 20 mins :smile:


OK. Well that obviously worked !

Quick one : why not taping around the motor + reisenauer with metal tape ? That would make it somehow waterproof, while still cooling down ?


Well I tried that in my first design(with the blue motor), however there are some concerns:

  • How do you waterproof the front end of the motor (near the mast)?
    o Perhaps you could glue the front part in a mast clamp
  • The motor is not designed to distribute the forces trough the motor housing, my blue motor was made of very thin aluminium.
    o Perhaps other motors are constructed more beefy and have a stronger body
  • The Reisenauer only has a bearing, this bearing is not waterproof.
    o This is why you need some kind of housing around the reisenauer with a lip-seal.

Not sure if tape would work; don’t forget that you have about 0.1bar of water pressure under 1 m of water. Water will slip trough tiny gaps(capillary?) very easily! ‘somehow waterproof’ is not good enough :wink:


Thijs please one more question…

Where did you get that coupler which you screw on the Reisenauer ?

When looking at Reisenauer catalog, I see only a 10mm shaft and no coupler ?

Thanks again


This is just how it’s delivered. You can screw in a m10x1(fine metric!!!) Shaft.

I lathed a new shaft at the workshop at my work.


I found these guys in the UK:


OK… See the way the Super chief is delivered… No coupler…


Unfortunately this wont fit in the m10x1 thread. You could use this and cut off the head cap:


Will not fit , need to be m10x100 ( fine)

For the super chief with the polygone 6x7 shaft you can use this:

For the super chief round 6mm shaft , you can use a " classic" coupler