The Cyberfoil build

Some more riding videos. I am getting there :slight_smile:


Nice work, well done !

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The weather is awesome for foiling in Sweden!


Reached 37 kph today at about 85% throttle. Whoa! That felt really fast! When the foil is moving trought the water in that speed the height maneuvering gets really sketchy. The slightest shift in position makes the board nose dive or the foil to get airborne.Hitting the water face first in that speed is not very nice :slight_smile:

It fun though. I have a really small aft wing. With a bigger one I will propably get more stablilty at high speed. I would really like to find the Cyberfoils max speed. I’ll keep you posted.

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Nice , neck still ok at 37 ? :grimacing: , I think the limit is 30 , after it is always painful … but so fun

Yes :grin: all good. I usually manage to turn the body so I land ass first. What I dont want is landning on my ear. So far so good. Fast is fun!