The Cyberfoil build

Since I has some leaking in the eletronics compartment I havent been able to try the board for a couple of weeks. I have also replaced the VESC 6 with the ARC200.

And now, after some epoxi work and a lot of sanding it was time for another test run yesterday.

The good news is the electronics compartment is now water tight. No leaks :+1:

In the end it was the Maytech remote that failed me :joy: It has never been a problem with it but now it is stone dead. Battery failure obviously. The remote battery cell only gives 0.3V after its been charged.

Discouraged by the stories here about the lousy Maytech customer support I will look into the alternatives.

Any suggestions how to get into the water again fast and cheap? :thinking:

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Hi, may I know where you bought it from? Please contact the dealer or sales platform for support based on your order.

Hi Eileen. Thank you for your reply.

It is bought from Trampa as together with the VESC6.4.

I think not. According to the stories on this forum it is definitely not worth the hustle. I heard that you should send a “video” of the problem according to your company policy. Also. I have opened the casing (and therefore voided guarantee?) I did it to see if I could repair the myself which I propably can. I could replace the low quality LiPo with some samsung 18650 cells that I have laying around.

However thank you for getting back to me. If you like though you could send me a new remote. I live in Stockholm Sweden. PM me if you would like the complete shipping details.

Which remote did you buy from Trampa? The MTSKR1712 non-waterproof remote?

Yes. That is the one.

Hi, mine is 140mm thick and the 2 boxes are 96mm deep. 158cm long and 62 cm wide. On the pics it is my build form last year. I just changed a lot of components for this season. Still the same board and same foil. The impulse LF foil works perfect and the mast just have the right space for AWG8 Wires and cooling tube. Enjoy your build ! Regards from Switzerland…IMG_5771|375x500,75%


Finally! Success! The road has been long and so on. But now. She flies like a Queen :grin:

The rider could be more skilled though. At least I could now practice riding and stop building.

Also here is the ”new” remote :blush:


What thickness is your hatch top? Is there any flex?

6mm polycarbonate. Some flex, Not very much.

Congrats! It feels good to finish a build. Don’t put your tools away just yet. In my experience, these projects involve a little bit of…let’s say ‘refining’


Thanks! I assume you talk out of experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Coming up is a waterproof case for the remote and some more gadgets for convenience in the electronics compartments. Like a battery meter and a on/off switch.

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@cyberfoil thanks for sharing your build it is helping to motivate me . Great work !

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Well done. You made a really beautifull Board!

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@theone @gorsek1 thank you!

Foiling now. Starting to get the hang of it. Short lifts, touching down, then up again.

This video is from my third session. A little windy and small waves. Not optimal conditions for learning. It is easier when it is totally calm.


Nice work!

I really like your water box for your electronics. Where can I buy one?

I beleive @Carpi use this :

I got the same :

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Alexandre, which one is yours please ? There are a few on your link. Thanks

The one on the pic of the link , cone shape 3 blades

Yes exactly ! I’m using twice the same as your batt case to have enough space for all electronics. Did not found the link… Enjoy your mount…