The aussie pacificmeister build


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Yep. Opened it yesterday. Was lurking in the dark for a while haha


Well 7 months after my first failure, after taking a break for winter, I had another failure today on the rebuild.

Magic smoke from the ESC. No shorts that I detected pre-testing, I think it got too much water in it, despite the waterproof case and the silcone (or the silicone lifted due to heat).

Going to assess the lay of the land now and might consider one of the kits that seem to be coming to the market like @VeFoil who seems to have made great progress from the jet drive point of view, Chris if you want a beta tester let me know!

If anyone from Australia is interested in buying a setup, with printed drive, gearbox etc (minus ESC!) let me know


Sorry to see that Smarm. We have all been there and if it were easy everyone would be completing their builds and riding but its much harder than most of us expected to make this work, work well, and last. Since I first saw PacificMeisters build its been 17 months to get here with a team helping make it happen and to be designed for mass production. The project turned out to be 20x bigger and harder than we thought but its been a highly educational process lots of laughs along the way, and months of waiting for silly parts as you know.

Looking are your ESC, if you had watercooling it would help reduce the heat. My original build with reduction gear was with a basic VESC, it ran but overheated quickly, then I did SeaKing 130A, and it was a struggle to keep cool and 12awg wires I was not happy with because of the heat they generate. Then we moved on to the 400A flier waterproof which works if you have good watercooling pressure but every water pump we tried died within 1-2 rides. Now we have our own custom VESC 100A continous no water cooling required, but if you run higher up to 200A continuous full throttle for jet surfing it requires watercooling turned on. Its a heavy duty system built for machines/vehicles and cannot be compared to RC boat electronics quality.

Bottom line, if you install water cooling, maybe get a stronger ESC you may be ok and can ride your setup.


Thanks for the words Chris. It’s great to see the progress you’ve made over the months with the project; which will no doubt help advance the whole hobby forward.