[superlefax] FLYLO BUILD

Yes, it’s for the wires. You need that space for the cable connections.
The alu cyclinder is made on a lathe like all other alu parts.

Hi @superlefax, nice job!! Could we have information about your electrical conncetions and ESC set up?

Hi Tucson,
I published the parts list in the first thread.

@superlefax - Nice work!
What if your girl friend ask about the missing condom?

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Those rubbers can be used several times, no problem.


Buongiorno superlefax
I mie complimenti sono rimasto affascinato dal tuo progetto,
sono due anni che sogno ciò che tu sei riuscito a fare, volevo, se tu puoi, avere qualche informazione per costruire, … l’involucro del motore è stato fatto con la stampante 3d? Come potrei acquistare? Qualche consiglio…
Grazie per le informazioni che hai condiviso

Hi Gianni,

I only can read English or German :wink:

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Hy superlefax bevor ich jetzt foil und motor bestelle würdest du noch was an deinem setup ändern wenn du könntest? Also evtl nen anderen motor oder getriebe verwenden?

Hy superlefax before I order foil and motor, would you change anything in your setup if you could? So maybe use another engine or gearbox?

@superlefax Wondering about the Aluminum housing, Did you also CNCed that part instead of aluminium pipe like in pacificiminster build?

Yes, it was made on a lathe.

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I wouldn’t change the gearbox nor the motor. But if I would build another Efoil than I would go for an easier Outrunner setup. Less parts, less money more time to foil.

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So foil wäre bestellt bei dem Motor bin ich mir noch nicht ganz sicher, leider finde ich kein passendes getriebe mit 8:1 die bei ebay liegen leider alle bei über 200€ vielleicht nehm ich dann einen 500kv Motor mit 5:1 oder 4:1
Was genau meinst du mit outrunner? Deinen Motor? Oder deinen kompletten Jet?

So foil is ordered but with the engine I am not sure yet, unfortunately I find no suitable gear with 8: 1 on ebay are unfortunately all over 200€ maybe I’ll take a 500kv engine with 5: 1 or 4: 1
What exactly do you mean with outrunner? Your engine? Or your complete jet?

Outrunner is the motor with magnets on the outer casing and wire windings on the stator (usually more torque for the same size but not a rule). Inrunner is motor with wire windings on outer casing and magnets on rotor (usually more rpm but not a rule).
Outrunner is used mostly without the gearbox, direct drive. Inrunner is used with gearbox, but few inrunners here getting used as working direct drive too (with propeller).

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thanks for your post, really helpful …

Hi Superlefax , great buidl and thanks for the info , very detailed and useful

please tell me how did you attach the prop to the axle, I am quite new to this


just check out the drawing or CAD. There is a radial hole in the shaft for a screw.

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awesome build! great work, and thanks for the parts breakdown - super helpful for new builders like myself.

Lifesaver, thanks !!