SUP foil, surf foil, or kite foil?


Yep the smaller channels just fit the 8AWG which I got from a local retailers.


I’m an experienced kite & SUP foiler and have been watching the progress of eFoil with great interest. There’s new generation of big SUP/Surf foils that have hit the market recently that really reduce the speed needed to get on foil. I’ve also been using these for kite foiling - amazing how slow you can go. They are also easier to control. I would think these would be a big advantage for eFoiling too - less speed to get on foil = less power needed. Has anyone tried any of these big foils with a motor?

  • Bob

Big SUP/Surf Foils

  • GoFoil - all carbon, so not so easy to route power cable
  • Takuma - I have this one, generates a ton of lift. Uses same aluminum mast as Naish.
  • Lift 170 - all carbon (this is the wing used on their eFoil)
  • Cloud 9 (formerly Pelican)
  • Naish Thrust
  • Slingshot Hoverglide H2
  • Liquid Force Impluse (Cloud 9)

These guys have a good selection of foils and are very knowledgeable:


Bob, you say you have the Takuma and it creates a lot of lift. Did you run your wires down the round hole in the center or did you have to drill out one of the sections between the holes? IMG_09371


Just put a small screw in the plastic and pull ut out (with a hammer or nippers), you can then take the wires through.


Looking for some input. This is going to be my first build and while I’m a heavier guy (225+ lbs), and I need the lift to get me up, I would still like to go as fast as possible. Is the Takuma V100 a good first blade or would anyone with experience recommend a better foil?


@Hiorth is correct. You can easily remove the two plastic plugs in the Takuma aluminum mast and run the wires in those two channels. Naish uses the same mast system and their version doesn’t have the plugs which help keep water out of the mast.


Does the Takuma V100 give you good speed as well as the lift?


you can go easily 15 knots. maybe 20 with high pitch prop and a good system. but 15 knots feels like a lot on the foil.


The Takuma foil goes plenty fast when kitesurfing. More importantly, it goes really slow and gets up on foil almost instantly when you start moving. The ride is really dreamy when going slow - pic below is me being towed behind a boat going about 9 mph (14 kph).


Anyone have experience with a Sroka kite foil or similar profile? 22" wide, with the anhedral starting about half way. The tail has an adjustable AOA.


With kite, Sroka can go slow and steady. Not a surfin’ foil though. But I do run a Ketos freeride which might be like the Sroka and with light weight rider can work. You can’t slow down or “relax” too much…


Thank you! I think I’ll try it out, otherwise I should be able to use the fuselage with a custom wing as it is removable.