Starting a build in Finland

Since the Liftfoil released its efoil I’ve dreamed of owning one. Unfortunately, can’t afford one. And when I came across Pacifimeister’s build I’ve been thinking of building one. Now the time is ready for me to start converting my Liquid force foil to an efoil. I don’t have any experience in these kinds of builds, so I’m asking advice from you more experienced builders here.

Can you give me suggestions for parts?

For safety reasons (my kids will definitely want to ride also) I want to use a duct, so inrunner motor?

Do I have to use reduction gear?

What size ESC will be big enough? Can it be too big? In terms of amps. Watercooled or not?

Are there ready prop and duct combos for sale or is 3d-printing only option?

And finally, the battery pack. What is big enough for test rides but can be expanded? My plan is to place the build first to a SUP board without fuselage and wings for first test. I will build a board for the efoil during next winter.

Updating this very slow build.
I have bought all parts for testing. I’m using SSS 56104 360KV engine and Turnigy 150A marine watercooled ESC. At the moment I have only two 5000mAh 3s batteries (cheap), but these are only for the first test this autumn.
I have also been 3d-printing parts. So far I have printed prop and duct from Pacificmeisters files. They turned out looking good. But after those prints I have been having troubles with my printer. Yesterday I tried printing the back part of the mast clamp but failed. The printer had turned the nozzle and bed heaters of for some reason, and the printer was “printing air”. Repetier host showed heaters being on, but the temps were room temperature. Don’t know what happened and I’m getting a bit frustrated because it was the 3rd failure printing this part. Do you guys have ane suggestions how tho proceed?
Another problem is finding aluminium. I’m using aluminium for the pipe around the motor and for the bearing housing. I have a person who would make the parts for me, but cause I live in a small city, I haven’t found material yet.
Winter is approaching and I’ve been hoping to do the first watertest of the motorassembly this year. So basically I have from 1,5 month to 2,5 months before lakes freeze. During winter my aim is to manufacture the board and finish the foil.

Fun with more Nordic builds!
What gearbox will you use?

I was planning not to use a gearbox, just bought the motor with smallest KV and use a prop with smaller pitch. I don’t know if this idea is a doomed to begin with. Is Liftfoil using a gearbox? If they are, they have packed it into a really small space.
@Huricane4 where are you building yours?


Interesting, don’t think anyone used a 56104 without gearbox but guess it is possible with a good designed propeller.

Liftfoil is direct drive but don’t know what engine

I am Located in Southern sweden

Summer in getting closer, slowwwly… And also progress on my build is slowww…
But I have made some progress. I got the motorunit assemblied today: 56104 motor and Neugart 3:1 planetary gear.

Next step is mounting it to the mast, attaching fuselage and wings to the mast (different brand) and the board. I’m waiting for ESC and remote to arrive from Maytech but I think it’s going to take about a month before they arrive.